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Hey my fren is lookin for studios who is able to cut an album for him...which means he will sing chinese pop songs and everything will be recorded in an album..any good place to recommend?
ya try that's on the 5th floor of century square..the top floor.

i think your friend shld be able to do it there, cos they are mainly looking for vocal talents.

Thanks a lot guys..i remember seeing on the paper too but i just remember the name...btw any recommendation in the west side? Coz my fren live there..hehe
Ditto to the above request. Any tried-and-tested good recording studios to recommend around the island for demos? Genre is Rock.

Replies very much appreciated! 8)
Actually, I'm just about to visit there tomorrow, to finalise and talk details.
I was recommended by someone to go there. Never been there before. So no experience with the studio. Hehe

Off topic:
But basically, every studio charges by the hour for recording.
if you wanna layer tracks, also go by the hour. Basically, record whole band plus lead singer together so the "feel" is there. Than lead singer will re record alone with the music, cos when the band plays together, leakage of sound into the mike can be heard.
As opposed to the lay drums 1st, record bass...blah blah. No "feel"
Than the sound engineer will do a mix down, beofore sending it for mastering onto a CD master copy.
Colarndo said:
I'm recording my band in SnakeWeed Studios. They're much respected in the industry.

Yeah, Snakeweed is a cool studio. Did some recording 2 years back. The recording room is at the attic while the console is at the 2nd floor. So the sound engineer monitors the performers via TV.
Hi folks,

If you guys have any new albums out or samples of your music, drop me an e-mail. I'd love to check them out. Thanks! :D

Please come and have a look at my studio, SoundMix Productions. My engineer has done over a 100 albums in Malaysia with bands like Search.

The address is 282A Jalan Besar. If you need a map mail me at

We have a special package of 100 hours for $5000.

Thank you
29B Keong Saik road. In Chinatown

Go to find the map.

Must Call Leonard 1st before going.

Wanted to go today but he was sick, so postpone lor.
Basically, any albums or EPs recorded anywhere. We run a web-zine with a strong focus on Singaporean musicians. There are reviews of Singaporean albums. While we buy some of these albums, we do ask for the acts to send in promo copies for us to defray our operating costs.

pianodancer, in the event you'd like to know what genres we cover, we try to get the whole spectrum ranging from indie to hiphop to metal to glitch.

Hope that answers your questions! :D
You're probably aware that my genre is New Age Piano Music - probably not as hiphop or as hard as metal, but being an indie album, I guess I do have some glitches in the recording. :wink:

What's your website?