recording via Line in


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hi ppl .. would like to noe .. after connecting my guitar thru my efx to the com via line in ... how do i record ?? any gd progs to recommend ?? btw .. got any prog can improve the tone 1 nt ??hahaha.. thx !
take a look at the M-Audio audio interfaces. They offer good value for entry level. Or get their soundcards... which are pretty good as well. They reduce latency and hiss...

To improve your tone thru DI, I guess a Line 6 POD XT will be great.

As for software, I'm using Cakewalk SONAR3. While I like it, it might not be for everyone. I heard that Pro Tools Amp Farm has great amp modellers.

Have fun. :D
Viruz, tell us more about your set up? what pre-amp, computer and sound card? most importantly, what do you want to do? recording?
Well For Fun Recording Purposes...I'm Used To MultiTracks.Trying out with Com Recording...And got no idea wat the heck is soundcard??Juz a casual question if tat setup will werk.....Guitar 19" rack preamp with recording speaker emulator out to com....