Problem after restringing.


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Hey ppl.I just finished restringing my ibanez rg and i seem to have a problem with fret buzz after restringing it.I adjusted the springs as i was changing tuning too.Before restringing there wasnt any buzz.

This buzz occured in the 1st and 2nd fret badly.Its quite a pain in the a** to hear.Any suggestion on why this happened?Should i send it for a set up at guitar shops?
did you change string guages?

i suppose you should set your springs back to normal. If unsure, send it for a set up.
I didnt change gauge but just change tuning from dadadd to standard.But if i adjust the springs wont the bridge nt be parallel?How much do set up usually cost?
ok then more than just adjusting springs would be needed. you might need to adjust the intonation etc as well.

you probably need a setup. i've never set my guitar up by a shop, so i don't know.
fundamentally, there maybe a slightly raised fret on the 1st and 2nd frets. this may not have been noticeable as your action previously was higher due to the lower string tension from the downtunings. i think due to you using the normal tunings, you have pulled the bridge such that it now leans forward, thus lowering the action, causing the buzz. this is just my opinion though and i'm only guessing. can't really tell until i look at it. you could try tightening the springs just a little and see how that goes. hope that helps
I think I will be repeating myself but yeah, do bring the guitar to a tech. Like what qwerty is saying, we all will just be guessing at what your problem is. And if we guess wrong, give wrong advice, you screw your guitar up?

Just bring the guitar to a tech. Paying some cash now might save you a lot of pain later.

Or bring it to your friend who knows how to set it up.
Alright thnx matez.Do you guys noe how much it will cost for guitar set up?And which shop does this plus the time it will take and all.Etc2.
GuitarWorkshop at Bras Basah does it for around 50(F.Rose). That includes cleaning up, polishing etc. So if it's a fixed I'd think it'll be cheaper. That, is what I heard.
SweeLee charges 25 for changing strings (and they shd be able to settle your buzz related problem), but that's if your axe's purchased from them.
You know the indian dude(dunno his name, nice chap) at swee lee BB told me that i have 1 year warranty and i should be able to send them for setup for free....
I doubt they'll do a setup for free. Major problems with the guitar are probably covered by the warranty, things like faulty electronics and such, but minor details like action, pickup height etc will most likely be at the owner's own expense
tany said:
really meh? and do they do shielding for strats?

shielding for strat - contact Randolph (nic Embryo?) - he bot my entire supply of shielding paint - or if you want real foil I have em & can do for at - PM if interested.

As for the 1-2 fret buzz - a quick way to solve it without messing with spring tension & trem high is to simply SLIGHTLY loosen the trus rod... work with some of the RG I serviced B4,...

Or U cud take it to G77 - BEEZMASTER ...cun-cun set up guitar tech...

my 2 cents worth.... 8)