pple here too 80s and 90s


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let's have a controversial topic.

it's too old school man.

not saying old sch isn't good, but after months with soft, i realise the pple here are generally just guitar noobs intermediates enthusiasts and the obsessed (guitar siao).

and to them, music without a killer guitar riff solo or tone is not good music. or rather, not preferred.

it's rather sad isn't it.
to realise that music in sg revolves around all the twangs chugs bends slides riffs....loud electric guitar stuff. no one even talks about the rhythmic structures to adopt to effectively play an acoustic gutiar.

and drummers...sigh...i rest me case.
Erm, so what's the discussion here?

I've always leaned towards playing acoustic music. I play acoustic 99% of the time in church. But there's also the electric side of me that wanna let rip on the guitar.

I'm trying very very hard to write good songs that are irregardless of virtusoic guitar playing (mainly becos I'm not a virtuso...). But nothing good yet...
turbochicken said:
let's have a controversial topic.

it's too old school man.

not saying old sch isn't good, but after months with soft, i realise the pple here are generally just guitar noobs intermediates enthusiasts and the obsessed (guitar siao).

haa quite true to some point. :roll:
I may give the impression that a song without "a killer guitar riff, solo or tone" is not a good song. But thats not really so. I generally listen to songs with killer riffs or solos because i am a guitarist myself, and thus really enjoy and appreciate those stuff. I mean, listening to those stuff seems to make me get the best enjoyment out of the song. :) yea, i cant say punk rock isn't nice, i like listening to it once in awhile, but i don't listen to it over and over again(thus dont really talk about it) because i dun get that sort of enjoyment i get from listening to my favourite songs. I like acoustic and classical stuff too, have a few of such cds, however, thats kind of beyond my limited standards, and i honestly enjoy playing those blusey slashy solos more, cant really explain, i just like it. Yea...thats about it for me...:)
That's true, but i find that the reason behind it is because the guitar, well, the electric guitar to be specific, is one of the most expressive instruments around.

The acoustic on the other hand, well a lot of people did have bad experiences with acoustics when starting out, which could explain the lack of interest in the instrument. Also, playing the acoustic well demands another level of skill, so most electric guitarists, apart from the usual strumming, would stay away from acoustics.

On the 80s and 90s music, that's where our guitar heroes generally come from. Sure you have the newer heroes popping out every now and then, but the axe wielding men of the 80s and 90s are the ones who inspire us the most. The catchy riffs, blazing guitar solos, are just too attractive, at least i find it so.
i wonder did james started this website towards more of rock and electric guitar or any music and instrument in general.
:roll: just curious :wink:
I think Soft has no inclinations to a specific genre of music or instrument. It's here for music of all sorts! with the exception of true satanic/racist music i suppose...
what to do? It's the same thing everywhere. The fact is, guitarists make up the bulk of musicians in most societies. So naturally, a music website like SOFT will reflect this norm.

So maybe you drummers/bassists/whatever shouldn't complain. Start thinking you're special/unique/high in demand.
3notesAbar said:
Soft is mainly made up of wankers...i mean Guitarists :)

Well, at least we make ourselves and others come.

Yo yo yo... wouldn't you rather have wankers working hard to become superwankers rather than daydreaming karaoke siaoz auditioning and doing weird stuff in front of national TV and being commented to look like Ru Hua, only to have a 'career' subtly vanish into thin air without anybody even being aware? Ooops. That scenerio sounds pretty familiar.

I'd be a wanker anytime.
i agree with the topic. 8)

i've heard many guitarists boo-ing newer age rock stuff like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.

I don't deny there's less "look-at-my-awesome-solo"-time for guitarists nowadays... so perhaps its an ego problem. "Why play a genre of music where i can't show how good i am and thus not get recognised?"

Then again there are also many guitarists who play for the music.

They may be really good, but they play whatever suits the music and not riff and shred like mad 24/7.
Scream_ed said:
Yo yo yo... wouldn't you rather have wankers working hard ...

I rather you guys know what youre doing for once. Ok kidding. I dont mind guitarists, in fact its your job to wank. Its not gonna be the bassist or drummer for instance. Its either you or mariah carey.
Y'know, there's some truth to what you said, 3nab. Sometimes I do wish I know more about what I'm doing. It's the journey of learning la.

Its either you or mariah carey.

Is that a form of intimidation so we would push ourselves to do better?
In my opinion, there are good songs which do not have blazing guitar solos etc, take St Anger for example, few guitar solos but most of the songs still rock. But Hammett himself, is, I think, a blazing soloing freak himself, haha.

You are right. Most of my fav guitar heroes come from the 80's to 90's. Even bass players as well. But that does not mean I dislike Limp Bizkit and the rest. I love their music too. Here are some of my guitar heroes/bassists, just to name a few :

Angus Young
Steve Vai
Billy Sheehan
Duff Mckagan
Joe Satriani
Izzy Stradlin
Kirk Hammett
Jason Newstead

And the list goes on and on..

Maybe the reason why I am so 'obesessed' with 80's and 90's is probably because it has played a major part in my influence. It's not that I hate or condemn modern rock. It's just that I wanna stick to my roots. Cheers! :drinkers:
I think it's hard to pinpoint whether it's the love for the era/genre or is it the interest to just hear "wankers" on records.

It's not about playing in the rock/metal genre to show how good you are, you choose your own forte. Without the interest in let's say rock, you can't really think of a suitable or nice riff to go along with the song.

There's also the "content" part, look at EVH then look at let's say Brad Delson (no offense, just an example). I doubt there would be anyone who'll be starting a thread in ANY guitar forum that'll mention, "Anyone digs that particular riff in blahblah song, you know with that drop tuning and the riff goes from D to G, then D for 4 measures back to G again. Brad Delson rocks, all with 1 finger!!!"

It's not about the wanking sometimes, but with that kind of content in "metal" songs nowadays...i think my 7 year old cousin can nail it if i teach him for a month.

Technicality with good melodic sense, to me that's great music. That's what the 80's or 90's were about. Rhythm parts in songs during that time were great too....look at MJ's sessionists....phew