Post sound clips of your bass (GAS warning)


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I removed my link.

Hi bassplayers of SOFT, lets post clips of gear demo! We wanna hear you and your bass in action! CMON!
Cool man! Hahaha, i don't know whether to be more impressed by the bass' sound or by your playing. :p
oh man. i'd do anything to play like you. haha.

sound is really really impressive. man.. woo!!!

now i dun know if i really want a warwick or kubicki. haha
Thanks for your kind words. Warwicks are avaliable in Singapore but Kubickis are harder to find locally. If you wanna try out the bass, PM me. Cheers!

hahaha. post some tutorials haha.

sorri say but the factor headstock looks retard. no hard feelings. but body best ever seen
Please do. Its not a frickin' competition you faggots! I for one would really like to hear your basses. Especially if its a Jazz Bass thanks!