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guys...i am not an expert in pickups..i wanna get new pickups for my rg270...but how do i differentiate between neck n bridge humbuckers...how to know which is for which....they normally juz say humbuckers in general. thankz.
another thing..i want to change my pickups but i do not know wat to get...i'm into hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock genres...and also very much into blues..
usually the Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio have recommendations for their pickups... SD marks their pickups with neck/mid/bridge, and DiMarzio recommends installing on which positions on their websites.

Check it out man. DiMarzio has lots of pro artistes who play ur kind of style. Mayb for the bridge you can get a heavy thumping hum for those heavy metal chunks, for the mid some nice bluesy single coil for those classical/blues stuff, and for the neck just another cool n powerful shred buster for any hard rock/metal lick. Basically they have recommendations for which position the pickup is suited to. I normally use my bridge for rhythm & neck for sweeps & fast fury, sometimes alternating. Therez a different feel to a piercing solo when u switch between bridge & neck. And u can try asking ShredCow for further advice, he really helped me alot on pickups.
Usually pickups meant for bridge positions have a higher output level as compared to a neck pickup.

This is to accomodate for varying strings movements in the bridge and neck. The vibrations of the strings at the lower end tend to be less so the higher output on the bridge pickup compensates for that. The product itself will specify whether its for the bridge or neck position.
Yeap, but this doesent nesessarily mean you must abide by the Neck-Bridge theory :) . There can be some unique results if you experiment.
bro ...check the b or n initial under the pu..
b means bridge and n means neck..
dont get the wrong one
nothing wrong with putting bridge pickup on the neck and vice versa. As long as it sounds good, then you're set. Go experiment, you might find your own unique tone.
And definitely nothing wrong if you flip the pickup upside down and install it differently from others :D
Wow cool!! thankz a lot guys...
hey but then another burning question here...how do i try out pickups?? its quite impossible rite? its more of luck is it?
coz from the SD website tonewizard, they recommended me (neck) SH-1 59' MODEL and SH-6 DUNCAN'S DISTORTION
but the sound in the website may not be the same once fitted into my gtr rite guys?? coz of all the other factors invovle eg fx pedals etc..i am still very amature in this stuffs man...

my plan now is to upgrade my ibanez rg 270 which is like 2-3yrs old already...everything on it is stock and i feel that the pickups is not shiok anymore.....
Sadly, it's difficult to go pickup testing. The closest you can get would be to try playing guitars that already have these pickups in them. Sure it's not gonna sound like what it'd sound like in your guitar, but it would most certainly give you an idea of it's personality(character if you don't see pickups as living creatures :D )

If you don't get a chance to try them out in person, the closest would be the online sound samples. Spend some time listening to those, some people complain they can't hear the difference, but the differences are there. From then, buying a pickup becomes more like a hit/miss thing.
i get wat u mean dude...yup its like a luck kind of thing...but haha if i have all the money, i'll sure go trial n error man...haha..anyway i'm putting my faith on the tonewizard so far...but i do not know much abt other brands..i am a bit narrow minded rite now only open up to SD pups..
what do u say dude....any recommendations?? juz get wat i think is rite now and maybe upgrade again in the future or settle for something that is really good etc...thankz'
Get something you really like now. It doesn't rule out the possibility of future pickup changes though, guitarists do evolve :D

Dimarzios hmm, you could go for the high output pickups, the often recommended Breed, ToneZone, Super Distortions. Evolutions are good too, but they're demanding, it doesn't cover up sloppier playings.

Where neck pickups are concerned, i'll shamelessly recommend the Dimarzio Air Norton. My personal favourite.
hi One,

Im a fan of duncan PU
distortion and 59..thats a gd choice, another option is to get the JB.

I would not get the dime coz of the scoop mid..

if u wanna thicker tone go for the Invader,
the screaming demon goes well with the 59/ or Jazz as well..

u might like to get used, cheap and thus just resell if u dun like..
hi! is it necessary to change the mid pickup? i hardly use it.

and is the PAF Pro (neck) with Norton (bridge) a good combo?

will using a hi output and low output affect anything?
the average duncans are around $100 rite i saw at davis...how abt dimarzio?? how's the pricing is in singapore?? haha k now i am confuse between dimarzio n duncans...both looks good to me..maybe i'll try one from each brand...i mean neck n bridge...maybe bridge dimarzio n neck duncans...will it effect anything while playing...i read something abt the different in tone while playing all that in other post...whats e problem with this actually?? i dun mind having great differences...so tat while playing i can hear the great change in tone...more shiok..hehe..can play around more i guess..
oh ya i have no plans to change my mid....but the current mid pups now feels like no power...the drop in volume is significant....i dun like using it...and i dun really know when is the situation to use it...i heard its like when u doin some blues stuffs etc...
since you're pretty undecided and simply want to change to more pickups with more power and specialized EQ, may I suggest to you the pre-matched sets from Seymour Duncan:


you can consider between these two sets:

- Vintage Blues™ Set – is made up of a pair of calibrated SH-1 ’59 Model pickups for the neck and bridge positions. This set is based on the vintage P.A.F. humbuckers of the late ‘50s and is perfect for blues, jazz, and classic rock.
- Hot Rodded Humbucker™ Set – matches an SH-2n Jazz Model for the neck position with and an SH-4 JB Model for the bridge position. This is Seymour’s favorite humbucker set and is widely used for everything from aggressive blues-rock to metal.

I think getting the set would be a good choice, as opposed to trying to get different pickups of each kind.

i do think you should also consider changing the mid PU - otherwise it'll affect your pickup selector positions 2 and 4, when the neck is paired with the mid, and when the mid is paired with the bridge. a single coil tends to have good clean tones so you might want to get a PU that excels at cleans.
So than wat would u recommend for the mid??
anyway...i am not very technical in using pickups..i mean i dun have a fix routine of soloing in neck and rhtyhm in bridge etc...i normally like to solo on the bridge and its more gainly n can do squel easier etc...as compare to neck which is warmer...can enlighten me on this part?? u guys normally solo with which pups??
The middle pickup? Doesn't have to be something fancy. Just something clear and really clean sounding would do.

I don't really stick to one pickup to solo. It's become a habit to switch the selector up and down as and when i feel the sound suits the song. I think it's a habit many guitarists share. Yup.
than i think i share the same habit too man..hehe..its the feel of the song rite guys?? anyway abt the mid pups...my current one is like has lower volume than the humbucker..like not shiok...any good mid pups to recommend??