Piano for kids and adult


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I completed my grade 8 piano and theory, and was a music O level student and MEP A level student in Upper Secondary and Junior College respectively. This exposed me to several piano master classes, and music in general. The exposure to various ensemble and types of music (including traditional music of other races) has broadened my perspective on piano music.

I started teaching piano 10 years ago. My students have largely achieved Distinction for music theory exams (up to grade 5), and Merit for practice (up to grade 5). All these are within 3 years of learning. I do away with the traditional method of having students take one grade per year. Piano learning should be enjoyable, and when students enjoy the music and see their own achievements, they will be motivated to progress more quickly.

I graduated with a Medicine Degree and PhD. My full time job is a Researcher. One of my research topics is in hand. I incorporate my medical knowledge from my work to teach piano playing techniques. With a background training in healthcare where I learnt about "personalised care", I use this approach to teach my students. As every student has their own learning needs, I explore ways to help them maximise their own potential.

Please drop me a message if you are interested. Will send you my profile on request.

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