PGM 300 trem


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Hi guys .. got a question to ask .. The PGM 300, im not sure if i got the correct model(the 800-900 bucks at swee lee one which has white or purple/pink color options)... What trem does it have?
Yeap, PGM3. If you intend to get it, please be sure to have the funds for upgrading the ILT1 trem. Its a horrid unstable unit.
man, if you have that sort of cash, do consider 2nd hand stuff.

There is an RG570EX (or was it 550?) on Singapore Yahoo Auctions for sale, abt 700 bucks. Equipped with the origianl Edge trem. Good GOOD buy.

And there's an S1620TKS on sale for 1k... prestiege.