SOLD WTS: Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 (Non-chambered)

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Gibson Les Paul Traditional plain top 2016
Unchambered piece
Condition 9.5/10 (almost mint)
SMS nine 7 eight I eight 8 zero O

Everyone has high praise for this:

Production period / Release date: 10.21.2015
Model No: LPTDP16LBCH3 ( Light Burst )

BODY: mahogany
Type: Solid Body
Pieces: 2 piece body, centre joint
TOP: Maple
Class: plain
NECK: mahogany
Profile: ’50s
Nut Width: 1.695” ( 1 11/16” ) / 43mm
Bridge Pickup: ’57 Classic Plus
Neck Pickup: ’57 Classic
Tuners: ‘Modern-style kluson’ TonePros 16:1
Bridge: Nashville T-O-M
Tailpiece: Stop Bar
Color: Chrome

A Limited-edition Plaintop Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plaintop solidbody electric guitar gives you the construction quality, performance, and great sound offered by the Standard models from the 1980s and '90s. The Les Paul Traditional Plaintop features a plain maple top, a non-chambered, non-weight-relieved mahogany body, and a mahogany neck with a comfortable '50s rounded shape. It's loaded with '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus humbuckers for maximum tone and ample output. Set up and ready to go for maximum playability, the Les Paul Traditional Plaintop lets you create your own musical history!

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plaintop Solidbody Electric Guitar with Plus Top at a Glance:
Classic tone, time-tested tonewoods
Plek system setup
Powerful, punchy pickups
Classic tone, time-tested tonewoods
Taking design and visual cues from the Les Pauls of the '80s, the Les Paul Traditional Plaintop starts with an unchambered mahogany body like those from the '50s and 60s for a big, beefy tone. The body is capped with a carved maple top, and the hand-fitted neck tenon sports the rounded, 50s-style profile.

Plek system setup
The Les Paul Traditional Plaintop utilizes the revolutionary Plek system. This system uses a computer-controlled setup that carefully measures and dresses each fret, accurately measuring the height between the fingerboard and each string, virtually eliminating string buzz and providing unbeatable playability. Sweetwater knows that a smooth-playing instrument is important to you, and the Plek'd Les Paul traditional plaintop is sure to please.

Powerful, punchy pickups
Two of Gibson's best-loved humbuckers - a '57 Classic in the neck position, and a '57 Classic Plus in the bridge - give the Traditional the power, punch, and clarity of Gibson's legendary PAF pickups. Other traditional appointments include vintage-style Gibson speed knobs, classic Kluson-style tuners by TonePros, which offer period-correct looks with a higher tuning ratio, and a chrome Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plaintop Solidbody Electric Guitar with Plus Top Features:
Limited-edition Les Paul Traditional with a plain maple top
Solid mahogany body with a chunky late-'50s neck, feels fantastic and sustains for days
"Traditional" non-weight-relieved mahogany body for vintage feel and resonance
Plain maple top, mother-of-pearl trapezoid fretboard inlays, and nickel hardware look great
'57 Classic Plus and 57' Classic deliver classic humbucking tones

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