pa50 / psr2100


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guess if looking for a better all-rounder keyboard, I guess I have to hunt for the PSR2100 model which I was accustomed to.
The PA-50 is as attractive as the PSR2100 somehow price is just a couple hundred difference.
Havent tried the pa50 yet though, but would be giving it a try when i get the chance :)
By "all-rounder", I gather you meant arranger keyboards. For arranger keyboards, I still think Yamaha's PSR series are the best in terms of ease of use on the fly and variability. I personally prefer the Roland sounds, but the Roland arranger keyboards does not match the PSR. I think it comes with Yamaha's years of experience with portable arranger keyboards. Also haven't tried the PA50. But then, arranger keyboards are not my kind of keyboards...