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Hi people,

pardon me fr my ignorance.
I would like to find out from you guys what the more trust worthy overseas gtr order websites are?( besides ishibashi) looking more at US websites would appreciate if you cn provide me with details ie..general freight, duration etc

thanks a million
ishibashi would be the best.

reason being is that ishibashi ships out of japan. most US online retailers have prices meant for US only delivery. even if they do ship out of US , it might be higher due to the shipping cost (SGD 200-300) .

my recommendation would be ishibashi. their prices are pretty decent for certain stuff and they ship out of japan. shipping is less expensive than that from the US as well.

hmmz , u might wan consider joining our MO ? l

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djtommy said:
thanks man! :D
i wonder if they've the old jap squiers....

u want the good news or bad news ?

good news is

fender squire moved upmarket to rebrand itself as fender japan (1994) but its still as good as the american fenders (IMHO)

bad news is :

fender japan is breaking up, most of the new work would be handled by Jcraft. the old production house , fujigen , is breaking up. (credit to brother subversion for this piece of news)

- if i m not mistaken , the fender japan breaking it is going to have an impact on several models , e.g the aerodyne series... ALL online US retailers have stopped carrying this model and currently list it as OUT OF STOCK
it depends on the box the guitar is being shipped in

my friend in US sent me the dimensions of the box, and so i calculated the cost for shipping via Vpost, its around $100
You can use VPOST to ship items from the US or Japan that usually do not ship overseas.

Check out the details on from VPOST.

This would mean this:

A Dimarzio Tonezone from USA costs 60 USD. Thats 100 SGD. '$50 cheaper than Swee Lee.

Shipping via VPOST? Not more than $20. Just buy 2 pups instead. ;)
Hi Guys,

More about vPOST Japan. Do be careful in your calulations before you decide to use it because vPOST uses volume metric measurement (not simply weight). You can get the calculation formula at their website.

Small items are definately worth the go. But big and bulky items can turn out more costly. I had a few experiences where the charges I end up paying for vPOST was S$10-20 more expensive! The worst part was I have to wait 2-3 weeks compared to using Japan EMS where it takes only 2-3 days!

It really depends on your item, so calculate and compare.

And frankly speaking, vPOST customer service is really NO service at all until your item has reached Singapore. For the many times I asked for status of my item when it was still in Japan, they have never once got back to me...


I have a friend that uses UPS, and according to him, they do charge GST.

But interms of courier services, UPS is top notch. They are the most high tech in the world in terms of technology infrastructure. But I guess this comes with a higher price tag lor. :)

hmm ? no way i was told by my fren who is a biig GASser that when u import from US , especially if u use special courier companies its more expensive. SGD 200 i dun think so . USD 200 maybe
stars said:
hmm ? no way i was told by my fren who is a biig GASser that when u import from US , especially if u use special courier companies its more expensive. SGD 200 i dun think so . USD 200 maybe

No, ,lah..U was told only wat...
yeah. find vpost better. went through both sites UPS and vpost. UPS ships things into singapore but still have to go through all those departments in singapore. but vpost don't. they ship the things you want. provided it's legal.

that's what i saw on the surface. underground? *shrugs*