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Hey, my band's around sometimes liao, thinking of doing originals...

How do u guys start doing originals? I know inspiration and stuffs but, is it like, guitar -> lyrics then give the other members a rough idea, then they form their own drum and bass lines?

Like meet up in a jamming studio or something? Need guidance, new band here. Thanks.
yup dude u're heading the right way for an orginal... 8)

maybe u should start by figuring a chord progression for the song.it's all trial and error.i dun mean to be technical but ur chord progression has to be a in particular key.for example , for C major , the chords are Am , C , G , Dm etc...u could come up wif some chord progression for the song like this and if u guys wanna add in a short solo to spice up the song , it should also be in a C major scale for example....

i suggest getting everything planned out wif ur other members EXCEPT ur drummer.cause i know dat if u plan wif a drummer and go to a jamming studio the first thing a drummer would do is go to the drum sets and whack the living daylights out of it wasting precious time in the studio.u plan out the entire layout of the song in terms of the chord progression , bass line , solo , riffs.when u enter the jamming studio , den u tell the drummer to create a drum beat for the song hence , saving precious time in a studio...
So you're saying i meet up with my vox, bassist only? And plan out everything nicely, then give the drummer a rough idea of how the song should go then go studio eh?
well dat's wad i personally feel....but unless ur drummer can control his urge by not hitting on the drums once he steps into a jamming studio when u're trying to explain the details of the song to him cause it can be irritatiing at times
DoubleBlade - point noted. sometimes my drummer wants to whack the daylights out of the drums, and i want to whack the daylights out of him for that.

even i as a guitarist doesn't shred unnecessarily. :p
thor666 said:
DoubleBlade - point noted. sometimes my drummer wants to whack the daylights out of the drums, and i want to whack the daylights out of him for that.

even i as a guitarist doesn't shred unnecessarily. :p

thor shred! :D

i love thor! :lol:
i think u have to include ur drummer.. for many reasons. the most important of which is that your drummer is an EQUAL member in ur band, shouldn't he be part of the writing process of ur band's original? Also, the drummer is the single most important person in ur band during the budding seconds of ur song, because he lays the groove and opens the song for the rest of u guys to fill in. Like some pro musician said, if the band is the car, then the drummer would be the engine and the bassist would be the wheels... Everybody else not so important as these two.
yes i know the importance of a drummer.in fact bands find it very hard to function without a drummer as he is the one coordinating the entire band and keeping the entire band in sync.

seriously i dun mind if i include a drummer in the process of having a say in the song but wad i'm afraid is dat when u start to put theory into practical in the jamming studio whereby everyone is combining their music 2gether in the studio , from my experiences so far , the first thing a drummer would do when he enters studio is to start hammering on the drums for nothing wasting precious time in the studio especially if ur really on a tight budget.u can't hear urself speak and neither can the drummer hear u speak(even thru a mike) , as a result , it usually takes time to clam down the drummer wasting precious time.everytime the band finishes a dry run and the other members will be giving their individual feedback on wad they think of the song , the drummer would still be drumming like a mad man and again , it takes some time to calm him down before the feedback session can take place.or maybe when one member cocks up during the dry run and u guys wish to do a timeout , again it takes time to calm the drummer down as he is too busy drumming dat he can't hear his members speak.

this is just a minor thing about drummers in jamming studios , but i juz wish to point this out.it does not really matter much thou unless u're the kinda person who thinks dat every second in a jamming studio is precious
Hmmm. means i must bring my cane there and discipline my drummer. Lol. He interrupt, i whack. Hahahaha
Wah, all anti drummers meh? I also drum but i don't just anyhow bang what. I also listen. Don't generalise so fast la :? Lets not forget the vocals on hotel california by the eagles was sung by the drummer. :twisted: thats my favourite example. lol. But ya, i have seen drummers that just bang and bang and don't listen. must admit thats damn irritating. lol.. heheh. I'm sure the drummer will also have valuable input into the song. I mean you all are band mates, if you can't tell the drummer to shut up and listen maybe its time to get another drummer... haha.. lol
well.... to be honest my drummer does that to in the studio and as an ex drummer my self i also do that lah.... cannot take it man..... most drummers miss the banging lah..... hahaha....

Ok2 to the writing music part...... firstly bring all your band members to your house...... guitarist bring guitars.... drummer bring sticks.....

write the song as a band.... and the drummer can just be the metronome(time keeper).....

that should solve the problem......

and when it's finalised just remember the layout of the song and the progression and jam at the studio.....

and if possible record your rough draft of the song might be able to pic up good ideas from it.....

Well this idea works for my band......... you can try if you want to.....
anyone that just bangs on their own instrument without listening to others. stop picking on the poor drummers. I probably have seen more obnoxious guitarists and keyboardists who don't listen to the other members while jamming. come on guys, give the drummers a break! they don't need this shit from us!
If your drummer can play the guitar or any other musical non-percussive instrument he definately can contribute to the writing of the song, don't miss him/her out.
hi all,
For me , get the basic melody..record it at home (If ur the guitarist)
then pass it to your other members...
let them improvise on ur idea..

another thing i dont meet up wif them..
i use yahoo messenger, conference call something like that..
we are all press for time thats all..

we meet to to finalise the song or a rough jamming session.
there are other ways that u might like to exlpore..
the points above suits me ..gd luck..
me & my guys jam 30mins of covers..then 45mins originals..
remaining 45 its all spontaneous..this is where we create many originals..by being spontaneous..we practise and build up on our spontaneity...even the vocals..he will utter nonsense, shout here and there..hum...and sometimes nice logical melodious words will come out from his mouth..
for sure every session will be recorded...

then we discuss immediately after the session, with the recorder on the table..which one is verse..bridge..chorus..middle 8..

then go home everybody will improvise and secure their playings..so it'll become a fixed song in the next session..

and the lyrics and vocal melody will be done after the music is completed so we know wat kind of lyrics suits the music..sometimes the lyrics is done 1st then we juz junk it to our spontaneous music...and sometimes one of our members will come out with the lyrics and melody 1st so we juz continue from there...

you seem to have no luck with meeting good drummers.
change your drummer. or get him a drumtoy. that'd silence him.

if you take a look around, quite a few drummers not only have a good ear, an awful lot of discipline, but are also fantastic songwriters.

phil's one, for instance.

songwriting, personally, also comes under the umbrella of preference. some use progressions, some come up with catchphrases, others just anywhack loadsa melodies and see which works. there are many other ways to write a song. each has its own pros and cons. and yes, C major is passe. i wouldn't use it, if i can.

i've tried several ways, to collaborate with others to write. ultimately, i feel too many cooks DO spoil the soup. not only that, the song doens't get done. and sometimes we have a certain concept and idea on how the final product'll sound like, but the others don't. so instead of having saliva war and pointless charade, now it's ONE man finish the song, present it the way he wants it to be, then the others comment and move on from there.

progression: your melody's confined to it and your creativity's bound by the progression's limits. esp Cmajor. it has no flats. that means the chances of coming up with something refreshing using that cliche progression(say C G Am Em), esp when it's been done over and over again, is close to zilch.

melodywhacking: good, no obvious restrictions but say if the person who comes up with the melody doesn't have relativepitch, he or she might end up with a tune running from C to F#maj7 - difficult for musicians to create a transition(ie progression) for it.

catchphrases: very much in the wagon now(singrap etc ie linkinpark), it might have been introduced because it's difficult to churn out good melodies these days without it sounding identical to some song from somewhere. maybe even zimbabwe. :? also maybe because gen Y is addicted to angst and adrenalin, much more than pple like us. :evil:

picking up jazz chords, IMHO, will aid quite abit. these chords have at least 5-7keys each, thus giving the writer more choices in terms of coming up with melodies.
yeah..mp3 better lah..dont need to worry bout quality..the objective is to capture that special riff/melodic solo/nonsense so go home can recall and work on that spontaneous stuffs...
basically different bands got different methods of creating originals...i do vocals for this experimental metal band and i'll share some points on how we create our originals.

basically first step is, i'll write the lyrics, and then tell the guitarist what kinda sound im looking for, so if its a sad song, come up with some melancholic stuff or if its an angry song, come up with fast speedy riffs and so on. And we happen to be all influenced by the same progressive and melodic bands like Dream Theater, Opeth..and so on, bands with 32948398439 riffs in 1 song kinda thing. So he will write a few riffs in different tempos, and then when we go to the studio, we'll play out the riffs and let the drummer figure out the drumbeats and tempo changes, ways to blend in the riffs together without making them sound too sudden or jerky...more of a smooth transition thing and the keyboardist and bassist will add their touches to the song to create the final product. Then we'll play the song out and i will try to add in my vocal parts, and then we will jam that song over n over n over again until everyone knows whats going on, and then the guitarist will find proper slots to add in his guitar solo, and the drummer will do his solo and so on...so yeah thats how we do an original..sometimes we take as fast as 1 hour or as slow as 2 weeks just to create 1 song.