Looking for Lead Guitarist for Originals Mandarin Rock Band


New member
Hi all, we're looking for a lead guitarist to complete an originals mandarin rock band.

Who are we looking for?

• A guitarist who is able to play in time, able to do solos, and ideally knows how to play tightly as a band

• Able and willing to contribute to at least one of the following:
1) lyrics writing (in mandarin)
2) music composition
3) recording/production process
4) some of the non-music related band duties (e.g. organizing, publicity, etc.)

• Ideal age group: People currently in their 30s

• As originals creation is a long process, you'll need to be:
1) willing to commit long term
2) open to sharing the cost of creating an EP/album, if the band unanimously decide to go in that direction

• Jamming sessions would likely be on weekends early evenings, subjected to everyone's availability

• The genre we are currently exploring would probably be something along these lines:

1) 山海 by 草东没有派对

2) 那些失眠的夜与难以忘怀的事 by 老王乐队

3) 回沃 by 灭火器

If the above suits what you're looking for, please send me a private message.