OM: that Slowrock track, remember?


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Hey guys,
I finally finished this track... its something different from what I usually would do I guess but yeah, this time, I tried to take the slow and emotive approach. I made a ballad! 8)

In anycase, give me your sincere comments, I still find parts of this piece unsatisfactory but well, i kind of got tired of the piece... Anyway, I thought better let the masses decide... never know what going to pop up since everyone looks at a song from different angles. ;)

EDIT: This piece uses a hell lot of stereo panning so rememeber to listen in stereo!

Shredcow's take on that same old Rocksong
i love the wah parts .. damn nice !! haha.. great piece of work .. if only i could play like that .. like vai sia u .. ur style . hahaha
Liar! roadrunner wasnt your bestest piece!

some parts do sound like u ran outta licks. but still....
This is by far the best shit i've ever heard on soft.
nice tone nice wah. Your playing fits into the backng track very very well..
Thanks for the kind words guys...

And hifi_killer, I don't think this piece is my best... its kind of sloppy at parts but well, looks like there is a market for such ballady music! ;)
Not that ballads are sloppy lah...

And its funny that only you guys here seem to like my wah... I mean, i liked it too (duh :p ) but those whom I've let them preview it, thought it was too much!

In anycase, please do comment on the style and areas to improve... That's something I'm really concerned about. ;)
Hmm nice work Daniel.. ! *p.s. im still waiting for that... u know .. ahahhaha

I felt it's pretty interesting overall, u have not let us down! :D hopefully, a strong theme will help improve it in a way. anyway keep up the good work!