WTS Line6 Variax 700 amber no tremolo, S$800


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For Sale: Electric guitar – Line6 Variax 700 (amber, no tremolo)

All the guitars you ever wished you had in one sweet axe.

After a 10-year relationship, I’m getting rid of my trusty electric guitar for a younger/newer model. Gasp!

• Line6 Variax 700 modeling electric guitar (currently sporting neon green strings)
• A/B footswitch
• Workbench interface (value = US$100)
• All related cables for the above (very “specialty,” actually)
Inclusion of hard case negotiable (covered in stickers; high sentimental value).

Yes, there are some dings in the guitar. 2 pretty bad ones around the edges (email me for pics), but no belt rash on the back.

Line6 no longer makes the Variax 700, but most of the features are the same as the new model (their JT Variax). See here: http://line6.com/legacy/variax700/

Most notably, the 700 doesn’t have all the onboard alternate tuning controls. However, the 700 does “do” alternate tunings; you just have to preset them using the Workbench interface (included!). The way I have this one currently programmed, there are a few useful (to me, anyway) ones already there, such as drop-D and baritone, as well as some open slide tunings. But the Workbench offers much more customizability than just tunings. See below.

Line6 Variax description from MusiciansFriend:

All the amazing tone and flexibility of the original Variax plus premium woods and carved-top luxury!

The Line 6 Variax 700 Electric Guitar can bring that sense of wonder back to your music. There's something magical about playing a 50-year-old guitar. Even better is a guitar that's actually been played every day of that half-century. Such instruments have a sound to them that only comes from the passing of time, hundreds of sessions, and thousands of gigs. The guitars modeled in Variax aren't just showroom pieces. They are instruments that have been played to perfection. With one knob and a 5-way switch, Variax will take you through an amazing collection of historic guitars. It has beautifully shaped body with a carved ash top over mahogany. One-piece maple neck is topped with rosewood fingerboard with a bone nut and pearl inlays. It is also equipped with XLR balanced output and a digital jack for Vetta II connectivity and can be switched from the FBV foot controller.

• Dozens of classic guitar sounds
• Simple, instantly familiar controls
• Carved ash top on mahogany
• One-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
• Rounded bar mother-of-pearl fretboard inlays
• Gotoh tuners
• 22 medium-profile frets
• 25-1/2" scale length
• 10" fingerboard radius
• Digital I/O jack for Vetta II connectivity
• Standard 1/4" analog out
• XLR balanced analog out
• Included A/B footswitch selects between outputs
• Volume and tone controls respond faithfully for each model
• Powered by footswitch, onboard batteries, or Vetta II
• Can be switched from the FVB foot controller

Variax 700 Models based on:

• 1960 Fender® Telecaster® Custom
• 1968 Fender® Telecaster®
• 1968 Fender® Telecaster® Thinline
• 1959 Fender® Stratocaster®
• 1958 Gibson® Les Paul® Standard
• 1952 Gibson® Les Paul® "Goldtop"
• 1961 Gibson® Les Paul® Custom (3 PU)
• 1956 Gibson® Les Paul® Junior
• 1976 Gibson® Firebird V
• 1955 Gibson® Les Paul® Special
• 1959 Gretsch® 6120
• 1956 Gretsch® Silver Jet
• 1968 Rickenbacker® 360
• 1966 Rickenbacker® 360-12 ← yes, 12-string!
• 1961 Gibson® ES®-335
• 1967 Epiphone® Casino
• 1957 Gibson® ES-175
• 1953 Gibson® Super 400
• 1959 Martin® D-28
• 1970 Martin® D 12-28 ← yes, 12-string!
• 1967 Martin® O-18
• 1966 Guild® F212 ← yes, 12-string!
• 1995 Gibson® J-200
• 1935 Dobro® Alumilite
• Danelectro 3021
• Coral/Dano® Electric Sitar ← yes, sitar!
• Gibson® Mastertone Banjo ← yes, banjo!
• 1928 National® Style 2 "Tricone"

I use the acoustic and banjo settings all the time. They’re incredible, as are the 12-string models. The guitar models haven’t changed as they went to the new JT version. I upgraded for the on-board tuning dial, the new battery configuration, and the addition of magnetic pickups, which I actually have mixed emotions about. The 700 looks like it has NO pickups, which is kinda cool!

The A/B switch not only switches between 2 outputs (XLR and ¼”) that you can send to 2 different places (most people send the XLR to the PA when using acoustic models, then the ¼” to their amp for electric models, a handy feature), but also will POWER the Variax if you connect it using a stereo (TRS) ¼” cable (included). Original Line6 power supply (220V) also included.

And as a bonus, I’m also including a Workbench!

Workbench interface description and software screenshot from Sweetwater:

Get the most out of your Line 6 Variax guitar with the Variax Workbench software. Use it to create your own custom guitar models, right down to the body style, pickup configuration, switching modes, and more. Any guitarist at Sweetwater will confirm that the Variax Workbench software gives you far more capability with your Variax than you thought possible. Haven't you always wanted to build a guitar to your own specs and make it sound the way you want it to - your own unique sound? Now you can, even if you didn't pass wood shop in high school! Join the likes of Les Paul, Leo Fender, and Paul Reed Smith with the Line 6 Variax Workbench custom guitar modeling software.

Line 6 Variax Workbench Software at a Glance:

• Create your own guitars/customize the sounds on the Variax model knob and five-way selector.
• Complete list of guitar bodies, pickups and placement, tone and volume controls.
• Create custom or alternate tunings.
• Make as many guitars as you want.
• Custom digital Variax cable and converter box, USB to Mac or PC.

Virtual Custom Guitar Shop

Line 6's Variax Workbench lets you build your own custom guitar at home on your PC or Mac! Variax Workbench gives you your own personal guitar custom shop with all the tools needed to easily create, store, and share the guitar you've been dreaming of.

Unlimited Custom Hardware

With Variax Workbench, you can select from a complete list of guitar bodies, pickups and placement, tone and volume controls, and tweak until you've come up with a guitar that is truly unique. With Workbench, it's like having all the coolest pickups, controls, and bodies of the greatest guitar collection, all at your instant disposal.

Custom Tuning

One of the main reasons for having different guitars isn't just the pickups and sound, but the tuning. Workbench allows you to not only make your own guitars, but you can select a custom tuning to go along with it. Now your T-model setting can be in Open G, your Spank model can be tuned a half-step down, and your Lester model can go to Drop D.

Supply On Demand

You can make as many guitars as you want using Workbench's Librarian. Keep track of your custom guitars, store them on your computer's hard drive, email them to friends, or just make a CD-ROM backup so you can load your guitars into any Variax you use! Workbench allows you to fill each slot on the Variax Model knob AND five-way switch with your custom guitar collection.

Fits In Your Gig Bag

Using the special RJ-45 connector, you can go "inside" and create custom guitar models - and the custom digital Variax cable and converter box included with Variax Workbench, lets you USB into any Windows or Mac OS X computer and edit the guitar entirely on screen. Variax Workbench allows you to SEE exactly what you're playing!

This combination USB interface and Variax Workbench software package allows you to see and hear the physical changes to your custom guitar in real time. Ever wonder what a single-coil pickup would sound like on a hollowbody tuned a whole octave down? Probably not. That's because it wasn't a reality... until now.

Line 6 Variax Workbench Software Features:

• Works with all Variax guitars
• Allows you to completely customize any or all of the sounds on the Variax model knob and five-way selector
• Create custom or alternate tunings for any electric guitar you construct
• Easily create, store, share and back-up thousands of guitar models using the librarian feature
• Workbench's detailed graphics allow you to see and hear the guitars you create in real time
• Includes custom RJ-45 cable, USB cable and hardware interface
• Self-powered through USB connection and small enough to throw in your guitar's gig bag (if not your pocket)

The software is a free download from www.line6.com.

As for the case, I have an original Line6 gig bag in the U.S., which I’d happily let you have if you’d like me to retrieve it for you this summer. It’s in my old Fender Tele hard case right now, covered in stickers galore, which you could have if you prefer. (Or keep it in the Tele case until I can trade you back after summer, perhaps.)

Thanks for reading this far!


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