OM: Sweet Child O Mine Recording ( Full Song )

Hehe...not bad..nice improvisation at the end part of it....anymore?
btw wat equipment u use to record the song? :wink:
i did a direct line out from my preamp into the sound interface! not so skilled as to do the drums. I just played it over a backing track.

thanks for the kind comments!
the timing of the wah is not very co-ordinated.

solo needs some improvement, the super fast part.

you did this without a les paul?
not perfect but ok. :)

Okie its confirm up on the site now. Though a little big.

Its the sound of a Behringer B-1, through a Yamaha MG 12/4, to a M-audio Quattro USB using pirated Cubase, and Mixed on a pair of Yamaha MSP3.

I just can't get the vocals to sound really high quality no matter how much i try. Any tips on getting the clean and crisp sound? I know its totally not needed in a song like Sweet Child, yeah but... I need to know.
Oh yeah Gargamelesp... I master your tracks alittle...
EQed a lil, compress a lill, and a touch of verb.
wow.. thats really nice! I love the little reverb you added :)

I hope someday i will be at the level to do editing like this. At the moment i can only hit record and play