Looking for Temporary Versatile Guitarist or mayb even permanent who knows



R u keen to join a band?We called our band FuSe,formed by myself(Drummer),in late 2014.All of us are wrking adults age between 32-40,with our own family.The main objective all this while is just to de-stress.

We usually jam only once a mth usually on weekday night,sometimes weekend.

Our line up change just a little abit along the way.We r a five piece band.Our bassist is left the band due to too many commitments with other bands that he can't cope up to b with us.We have a bassist coming for audition this 23rd Nov,but unfortunately one of our guitarist is goin overseas for work related on a short notice.We need u to cover him for the 23rd and probably the next few jammings or mayb longer

This is our band FB Page:-

And this is our current updated songlist.They have all been attempted successfully before:-

FuSe songlist as of 27.11.2019🤘

1)I Wish You Were Here
3)The Trooper
4)For whom the bell tolls
5)Hotel California
6)Fade to black
7)Up and Rolling(Orig)
8)Come as you are
9)Ride The Lightning
10)When i come around
11)Like a stone
12)Sweet Child 'O Mine
13)Smooth Criminal
14)Crawling in the dark
15)Perfect Strangers
17)Every breath u take
18)Can't Stop
19)Nothing Else Matters
20)I don't love you
21)Don't Cry
22)Heavy Chains
23)Creeping Death
24)Two Princess
27)Best Of You
28)Are you gonna go my way
30)Dani California
31)In Blooms
32)Seek n Destroy
34)She will be loved
35)I turned to stone
36)Learn to Fly
37)Dr' FeelGood
38)Blue October
40)November 91
41)I live my life for you
42)Under the bridge
43)Knocking on heaven's door
44)Wish you were here(Ax7 Version)
46)Basket Case
47)Snow(Hey Oh)
49)Night Train

●●Drop D Tuning●●

53)My Sacrifice
54)Killing In The Name of
57)Israel Son
60)In Loving Memory Of

Songlist for audition at Epic Studio this 23rd November 2019:-

23rd November Tryout For 1st Bassist:-

1. Creep
2. Like a stone
3. Plush
4. Californication

●Drop _D_ Tuning●

5. Paranoid
6. Everlong

2nd Bassist:-

1)Hotel California
2)Sweet child o mine
3)Cant stop
4)She will be loved

●Drop D●

5)Killing in the name

These songs was chosen by the auditioning bassists

Tell us more about urself,possibly ur:-

☆Occupation and working hour
☆Music u play/listen to
☆Ur experiences in ur musical journey

P:S,Although we jam for leisure only on mthly basis,we still take our sessions seriously all these while.As in, we really practice and play as tight as we can for whatever songs we r covering.But of coz,we r still a fun loving bunch of guys who respect one another,Always happy meeting one another.Always smiling and laughing.We don't look down or belittle anyone.Little mistakes in between songs is common.Its ok.

Age preference:25 and above

Lastly,hope u can gimme some links or something to some videos of ur playing via whatsapp.Of course,u have to pm me first,tell me abit about urself when u first pm me with the details i asked for.

Audition on 23rd November 2019 at Epic Studio



WhatsApp me at 90609838

Thank u and keep on rolling\m/