OM: Mr Vai tender surrender

It's a good cover man!

Instead of going fully clean, maybe you could back off volume on the drive channel to get a cleaner tone like vai does? Then it'll sound more warm and less jangly.
well done! i did this one once ages ago and it sucked big time lol. i liked the clean tone a lot! keep it going!
very good try. Kudos for just learning this song all the way through!
I very much prefer the clean part to the distorted part.
btw, have you given an intro of yourself?
really glad u guys quite like my work.

im using OLP john petrucci(breed pups, neck & bridge)-korg AX1500G-Audacity

basically thats all for my setup.

ha, my next challenge is still mr Vai... maybe 'll try do Crying Machine.

dhalif said:
nice one.. lets hear yours evilgtr

lol wished i still have it, but i think its gone since i last formatted my pc... maybe andrew still has it if i am lucky lol
Very good werk and effort indeed........

Like the clean tone.......maybe less compressed abit cos ur picking is very clear......tone down the attack control.....other then dat....ur clean tone should be better....


hi ppl, a million thanks for the nice comments so far. man, im really motivated to finish my next OM asap... :twisted: :twisted:
thinking of doing something really evil and twisted, anyone can advise what kinda scales are evil, very evil??? :twisted: :twisted: something similar to opeth or sym x??
well its a good attempt.. but i feel tht there are certain notes tht are not fluent enuff.. thts my 2 cents worth of opinion.. but i think u did a fairly well cover.. cool mate.. keep it up...
This can be made greater if the distortion tone was somehow more "cutting". Sounded abit too thick. Give the impression that you were using neck pup.
sounds good to me! maybe cept for one or two portions sounded a little off, and the fast parts a little sloppy, not that i can play any better, but definitely wayy better than what i can do la. nicely done! cheers