OM: glasgowkiss

i thought its already complete? sounds damn good man.... u &%$*%#$ do OM bo jio.... lol.... anyway its an honour to have you play with me in the band... keep on rockin' :wink:
Overall quite well done. Even the tone is very close. Some parts can't really hear whether u are playing or it's JP playing :p

Some parts u sounded not v confident tho, probably can still work on tt. Apart from tt it's pretty good!

Now i know how power Guan's bro is. :D
muahaha.... so paisey :oops: u know my bro?

anyway u were rite, the OM probably came too early, i shd hv practiced more.

i hope to finish the whole song(if its even possible, my current standard, "gringrin")
great job !!! bravo ... bravo !!!

very similar to the G3 version yeah ?? keke ...

u did the backing track as well ? wonderful man .. yeah, real power !