OM: Dream Theater's Erotomania Cover

oh i thot u were just asking about effects

i run my self assembled cheapskate yamaha guit into the zoom then into my pc that's all no amp....
kudos for tackling such a tough song. i hear great improvement in ur picking man.. but the tone is a little too muddy which sometimes makes the riffs sound a tad messy.. nice acoustic sound. overall nice job man!!..
I made the backing track myself using different soundfonts and i run my guitar thru the 505 then into my pc's line in and i use the programme n-track studio... :wink:
Great attempt! You rock dude!

A few things tho, I can't hear your guitar very well, maybe you should try panning the instruments a little. Also, your playing can be a little tighter, but that's about it. Overall, great job!
lol thanks for listening yes the playing could have been a LOT tighter but that was the best i could do at the time lol, i was struggling! eheh
That was a great job man, seemed pretty fine to me, although not perfectly tight but come on its Dream Theater. Impossible to play exactly like them. That string skipping shred part towards the end of the song is absolutely insane
well u can choose to interpret that way....but i was just replying to Drewgie's statement that it is impossible to play exactly like DT
Vaiyen said:
don't let someone else' tactlessness get you down dude

hey lol how do u manage to post 1264 posts?! wow i'm impressed. :wink: call me wednesday? leaving spore mon coming back wed.