SOLD WTS: Gibson AAA flame 120th anniversary les paul (Non weight relieved)

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Almost new condition.
Condition 9.5/10
Played very minimally
Asking $2700
Sms Nine 7 eight I eight 8 zero O

Top Flame Maple (AAA)
Back Grade-A Mahogany
Binding Cream
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50

Species Grade-A Mahogany
Profile .800 / .875
Truss Rod Traditional Les Paul
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Joint Mortise & Tenon
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Joint Angle Tolerance +/- .005"

Species Grade-A Rosewood
Frets 22
Radius 12"
Binding Cream
Inlays Acrylic Trapezoid with 120th Banner
Nut/E.O.B 1.695" / 2.260"

Inlay Mother of Pearl "Gibson" logo
Silkscreen Gold Les Paul Model
Truss Rod Cover B/W Bell with Hot Stamp White "Traditional"

Neck Position 1959 Tribute Humbucker
Bridge Position 1959 Tribute Humbucker
Coil Wiring Machine Wound, Slightly Mismatched

Model TonePros™ Kluson®
Tuning Ratio 16:1
Plating Chrome

Type Tune-O-Matic
Material Zamak
Plating Chrome

Potentiometers 2 Volume Controls
2 Tone Controls
Type 500K Non-Linear
Switch Three-Way Switchcraft
Output Jack Traditional 1/4"









One of a handful of guitars joining Gibson USA’s Limited Run 120th Anniversary Celebrations, the Les Paul Traditional Flame Top makes for a timely reminder of what makes the world’s most influential electric guitar such a long-running success. Combining classic tonewoods with vintage-spec pickups and top-notch hardware, this gorgeous guitar adds your choice of three grades of flame maple top—Level 3 (AA), Level 2 (AAA), Level 1 (AAA+)—made even more luscious beneath a high-gloss Heritage Cherry finish, to recreate the look of the most desirable Les Pauls ever

The Les Paul Traditional 120 Flame Top begins with a non-weight relieved Grade-A mahogany body and a gorgeous flame maple top. This echoes the beauty of the highly desirable tradition of Les Pauls through the years, a vibe that’s carried through with a slim, fast neck profile on its Grade-A mahogany neck. A one-piece Grade-A rosewood fingerboard with frets over binding carries traditional trapezoid inlays, and there’s a commemorative “120th Anniversary” banner at the 12th fret. Vintage tones follow classic looks, thanks to a pair of 1959 Tribute humbuckers. Made with Alnico II magnets, 42 AWG enamel-coated wire, and slightly mismatched coils just like the original PAFs, these pickups capture all the depth and edge of the best humbuckers made from 1957-’60. Finish it off with quality TonePros™ Kluson® tuners, a Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece and cradle it in a brown hardshell case and you’re good to go!

1. No weight relief (started with the 2013 Traditional Model and it's being phased out with the 2016 Traditional model line-up).
2. 1959 Tribute Humbuckers (no longer in use). These are fantastic. In my opinion, better than the '57 Classics that were produced pre-2013 and which are back again with the 2016 model line-up.
3. Lack of nouveau and obtuse accoutrements such as G-Force, steel nut, etc., which quite frankly undermined the aesthetic appeal of the Les Paul.
4. The 120th Anniversary inlay. Many didn't like it, but in combination with the other factors noted here, this feature will add to the rarity of the guitar.
5. Classic '50s neck with many of the other classic specifications that Les Paul fans adore.
6. Great reviews and feedback upon production release. Case in point: "9.10 lbs non weight relief one piece mahogany body, kick ass 59 tribute humbuckers, orange drop caps with old school wiring and pots, chunky late 50´s neck profile, ridiculously beautiful AA figured maple top, dial pointer, anniversary edition, Insane awesome vintage tone... Seriously, I cant see a Gibson Les Paul getting much better than that, just much more expensive if we talk custom."
7. It's not a Custom Shop. Not being critical of Custom Shop guitars. Instead, the 2014 Traditional was a regular production model Les Paul with features that presumably won't be replicated again.
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