$1 Room Auction! Bid Away ;)


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Shifting house so auctioning off items in my room starting from $1 onwards. Don't be shy to start. I will consolidate bids and update every few hours. Auction will end till all is sold out. Most items in multiple quantities, unused and brand new but opened to test for working condition.

Reply to this thread with your bid and contact number or contact me .

1. Comply Memory Foam Tips for Earbuds (sizes available for most models)

2. Pelican hard case for earphones and accessories (Black)

3. Grand Theft Auto IV(5) PC Game in mint condition. Activation for online gaming not used. Zero scratches on CD. Comes with physical Map of Los Santos.

4. 8gb-32gb Thumbdrives and SD Cards, OTG Adapters. Most SanDisk brand. All reformatted without virus inside.

5. E-scooter power supply. 42v.

5. Brand New good sounding audiophile brand earphones (can test before purchase). All include a pair of memory foam tips.
a. KZ-ED9
b. Japan handcrafted wooden earphones x3 (good, warm bass, $100+ sounding)
c. LetV LeUIH101 Sports Earphones with mic (teal) (good for casual listening and sports)
d. Unbranded basic starters MMCX earphones -($50+ sounding)
7. Sowano S9 (Japan) Hybrid Dual Driver Earphones with Detachable Cable & Mic x2 (MUST BID! Said to be priced beside Shure SE215, but sounds twice better). Take on a chance or test it! Extra cable will be included.
Link here if you can read Japanese.

6. Pair of Sonic Gear Speakers, no power needed. (bought for $40 6mths ago).

7. A box full of AV cables like:

-2x quarter inch-2x quarter inch (for music instruments)
-SSD USB cable
-2x rca - 2x rca
-High speed usb-micro usb
-3.5mm - 3.5mm aux (specially for music)
-Rca- female 3.5mm
-adapters & connectors (quarter inch male-3.5mm female/ lightning to type-c/ micro to type c, etc about 20pcs)
-3.5mm male-3.5mm female aux cables (5pcs -reduces grounding and enhances music).
-USB-A(Male) to USB-B(Male) Cable
-MMCX cables for earphones (Shure, Audio-technica etc.) 3-4pcs available
-many more.. (at least 10 more types).

Was a DJ before hence all these cables. Most gold-plated and are 1m or 2m long. All in good condition except for a little dust. Zero rust. Good for starting musicians who need this. It's almost all the cables you need for music & video.

Each cable original price is $10-20. My loss your gain. If you want to take all, give me a good figure for bulk sale. Eg. quarter inch male-3.5mm female adapter retails at $2.50 from Challenger. Basic MMCX cable generally retails from $50 and above in audio stores. Give me a quote for everything if you wanna! Otherwise bid away per cable.

Good luck!
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