OM a simple tune

*visualise* "i see a man with a sunny hat grooving to the tune down a alley with neon lights" :D Happy-man-song.
Nice happy jangliy tune with a summery feel. I like it! :)

You got a nice vibrato going there too.. Only thing, a couple of your high bends are slightly short of the mark. Work on listening to your bends and making sure they are up to the correct pitch. Experiment with bending up to pitch a bit faster as well.


Thank you for listening and your kind comments :) it is a happy breazzy tune , too many unhappy things happenning in the world now. I have lay off playing the guitar and the bass for 20 years till I discovered Soft websites, it sparks back my interest in playing again. I am learning from all the young good players here from Soft.

I play the bass and the jangy guitar and a drum machine for the backing . I will work on my bending and others stuffs too.

thank you