Oasis-tribute band: Bassist, Lead Guitar, Pianist and Drummer wanted


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Hi, I play rhythm guitar and I sing a bit and I want to start an Oasis tribute band.

We will be strictly covering Oasis-style songs and write songs influence by Oasis.

I think Oasis-cover band will be in demand because their song are widely known and easy-listening so we will have chance to get more gigs.

Plus they have been a major influence in my life and their songs have gotten me through tough times, and I'm sure many people feel the same :)

I'm looking for bassist, pianist and lead guitarist who know key transposition theory and scales and such, would be really great if you could sing as well.

And of course a drummer who is not big on showing off but more of a biological metronome, precise to the micro second ! (lol jk, no pressure :D)

If you're major fan of Oasis and you think your skill are up to the test, contact me at 84537488 or dauchomchom28@hotmail.com

PS: I'm only 19 but I don't mind working with people from different ages, Oasis music transcend generation :)

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