Numark Mix Track + Tracktor LE, Any method to record my mixing?

HF Theory

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Hey all,

Just got myself the above mentioned.

Only a single question I have.

How do I connect the Tracktor Software to Ableton.

If anyone has done so, I would really your expertise.

I know google is great, so is youtube, but if it was THAT great, I wouldn't have posted here. :)

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HF Theory : i'm surprised no one helped you after so long. then again after I try to help, others will join in, there's something about the monkey/kingkong-see-human-do system down here lately...

you saw all these yet ?

but I assume you wanna use ableton instead of audacity to record. unless you had an audio interface that records your numark mixtrack / traktor LE audio output into audio interface , then record in ableton.

what's your computer specs? <-- this is your baby yes?

You've always been helpful mate!

Appreciate your enlightenment.

Yup! that's me baby there, mixtrack.

My spces are: Mac OS X 2.4Ghz Interl core 2 duo, 4gb ram.

Definitely wanna record it in ableton.

However, i'm having midi mapping issues as of late, thus its truly, a pain.

I'll have a look at the forums, hopefully, there's some help there?

I'm having issues tryna allow the soundcard: My line 6 ux2, to allow 2 simultaneous usage in ableton and tracktor le.

Hopefully someone has done the link up from mixtrack to ableton, that would be pinaccle!

Fingers crossed!

I dunno this help, as I have not use it for very very long time.
It act like a software patch bay.
So your Tracktor LE output can link to Abletion input.
There is a better interface, I just can't remember which program.
oh look, bananas. here it comes told ya heh.

HF Theory : is somewhat an audio routing thingy, in PC we have "What You Hear" recording as stated on the forum links I gave ya. if it doesn't work out well, then you would have to stay "hardware" route out external from your headphone > an audio interface and monitor from the audio interface instead... or google harder. or try post in those forums where they seem to specialise more on your gear. sorry I can't be more of help from here on cos i don't use mac nor dj.

I just did another google, as what you wanna do is "route traktor > ableton" and you're using a mac.
there's another one apart from , seems to be "Soundflower" or something like that. give it a shot and let us know your results.
soundflower from, but its for mac only.

I have tried vac(virtual audio cable) for windows, but its didnt really give good enough result for my case.

For sharing audio driver between tracktor and ableton, through the ux 2, can try this program which i cant remember at the moment, but its somewhere hosted on steinberg forum. I have it in my music laptop, will update again.
I have that Sunflower too. I use it for other purpose. For input/output assignment jackosx is clearer.
This banana have tried both program, so it up to you to try.:p
More bananas HF Theory,

I'm using soundflower to re-route my audio from one App to another.

- Go to the audio preferences in Tractor, select UX2 as your input driver, select soundflower as your output driver (provided that Tractor supports this feature)

- Go to the audio preferences in Ableton Live, select SoundFlower as input driver and UX2 as output driver.

- Don't forget to click on "Apply" or any such buttons to relaunch drivers.

This config would allow audio from Tractor's outputs to be streamed into Live.

You should now be able to record your mix by arming an audio track in Live for recording.