New Virgin ad - 75 band references in one photo.

Twisted Sister
Led Zeppelin
The B-52s
Gorillaz (?)
The Eagles
Smashing Pumkins
Matchbox 20

Anyone see more?
1) Garbage
2) Rolling Stones
3) Black Flag
4) Dead Kennedys
5) The Police
6) Dinosaur Jr

I don't know man, I could be wrong on some of them..

Hey cool sig nitrovo!
Couldn't have said it better myself!
Blind melon (watermelon with the sunglasses)
The Lemonheads (in the fruit trolley)
Cake (next to the scorpions)
White Zombie (nex to pet shop)
Rolling Stones (stones rollin down the street)
The Eagles (in the sky)
Led Zepelin (in the sky)
The B52s(in the sky)
Black Flag ( at the house)
Crowded House (people squashed in a house)
The BEachboys (guys w/surfboards)
counting crows (crows on signboard)
Sex pistols (the queen with the dildo pistols)
Radiohead (the guy with radio crossing street)
Tatu (the 2 girls kissing, Tatu in russian means girl and girl)
Whitesnake (curlin around traffic light)
Dead Kennedys (JFK posters)
Korn (the corn)
The cars
manic street preachers (the people wearin white preachin?)
Reel Bigfish (goldfish in fishbowl)
The Doors (coloured doors behind the preachers)
cranberries(zoom in on the box beside the fishtank)
EDIT: does the line down the middle of pic represent vertical horizon??
Pet Shop Boys? (left hand corner)
Scoprions? (left hand corner)
Cake resembles a Rolling Stone album? (left hand corner)

Matchbox 20 (centre right?)

Abbey Road - the Beatles? (zebra crossing)

Smashing Pumpkins (right hand central, man smashing pumpkins)

the Kennedys?

crowded house?