need tips on recording, "the budget" way


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so we tried recording our jam session, using a laptop

turned out pretty bad, it was much too distorted, add that to distorted amps, it gets worse.

clean is alright tho, but still not clean enough

so anyone got any tip on how to record decently?

(we're gonna try to plug in a mic into the laptop, and covering the mic head with cloth, maybe it'll help, maybe it wont)
Use that distorted track as a click track. Then play it through headphones to each person and record them singly using the laptop.
ahh... interesting. at first i thought of providing you with all the tecnhical information but another idea that came to my mind, "Could your band be playing too loud?"

Think of the mic as your ears. If a loud sound is going in, your ears will feel pain. Same for the mic.

Maybe try with your band playing SOFTer.
well u could cover the mic and all. or lower the overall recording volume. but i suspect best bet is try mic placement. place ur laptop outside the studio if possible, maybe open the door a crack and place the mic there somewhere near the opening. play as loud as you want, and hear the results?
where is soundmix located?? i'm really interested man..wanna do a recording this wed...
282A Jln Besar..

take a train down to lavender, then take 133/145, alight after three stops, you should see a 7-Eleven, walk right down the Jln Besar and keep watch for a chicken rice shop or something like that. above is soundmix.

advice for first-timers, do travel earlier so that you can have some spare time to look for the studio.
thing is, we dont want to burn $20 an hour just for recording stuff we arent done with yet

just some simple recording so that we can bring home to listen and improve on, not full fledge demo recording
bro...take from which side bro? e ica building side is it?? thankz bro..

anyway..i got to record a demo to send to gig organizer...tapestry.. i was thinkin of using mp3 but scared sound bad...using tape recorder then i got to transfer to comp..i plan to burn into cd n send it over...any other ways ur helps guys?? wat would u do if u were me?? thankz man!!
guitarnub can try using an MD....
and yes u need to look for the sweet spot...

oh..u might need two recorder..analog tape and md...
just to see...which is suitable and including the laptop way..
im sure it will capture diff freq or tone

btw how u go recording? mic->laptop->software?
maybe u can record the drums first at the jammin studio, then record the strings and vox later on at home or something
guitarnub said:
so anyone got any tip on how to record decently?

Hi This is Darren ala grumpy from Soundmix. It be much easier to walk from lavender cos you still have to walk if u take a bus to the 7 11. I can mail you a map if you want. The $20/hr recording is exactly for takin back and here how u played on it. It can be as good as a demo but it all depends on the playing still. Cant do much if you flub everywhere. sms me at 81002322 for a map. Thanks and see you. By the way, studio B is coming up soon.

2 be honest.. I have tried recording in soundmix.. it was not bad though.. But my band played a lot of errors and it was quite funny to listen sum bad notes..Haha.. well.. I recommended u giv it a try.. u won't regret it..