Need some advice in creating a jamming studio


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I need some advice on how much will it cost to set up a typical jamming studio with acoustic foaming...

Basically what we(the people at southeast CDC) are looking at is buying quality second hand amps , guitars , mics for our jamming studio...

This is what we want out of our future jamming studio...

1) 3 amps (2xguitar 1xbass)
2) 2 electric and 1 bass (Jazz electric and bass)
3) standard drum set
3) 2 mics
4) miscellaneous such as cables , mic stands , book stands etc
5) proper acoustic foaming
6) 2 keyboards (weighted and unweighted keys)

How much do you guys think our budget should be?
Is 10k more than enough to set up a jamming studio? fast wanna set up studio?well ok...

Equipment i not sure lei. Guitars i dunno. Drums...get a cheap BUT good far i havnt seen any studios use pacifiic for jamming yet. Pacific FS Birch series is a bang for a buck and its BIRCH! WOOT! ...get a set ard 1000. plus hardware n cymbals 1500 can get a reasonable one.good 1 wud cud ard 2000.

Wad abt rent ?

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Hi, did you called me the previous week on that???

I can assist you on this matter. Instrument wise should not cost that much. But we need to explore the situation further to customise a best configuration for your needs.

If you factor in renovation, then for a pro setup, you could need much more money. But first and formost we need to look at the venue to see what is needed.

As use for acoustic sponge, is very subjective. I must say that these are used mainly to difuse the sound only. Don't expect it to be miracle sound absorber, the absorbtion is very limited. It's the built of the room that matter the most.
Another factor you need to consider is "who are the user" of your studio. Are they any tom dick and harry on the street. Or people you know personally. This question is important in guaging the 'upkeep' of your studio.

If your studio is meant for the general public, you don't want to put in very expensive instruments and amps. This is to prevent major heartbreak which WILL happen. You will expect lots of breaks as time go by, and you need to keep maintaining the studio. All these are cost.

If its for some selected groups, you'll also be faced with a different set of problems, namely internal politics and controll of funds usage. We leave that to the one running the studio to worry about that.
Basically the jamming studio will be used to cater for the Jazz musicians (hence the jazz electric and bass) living in the southeast district as we want to create a bond of Jazz enthusiast in our district through the use of this studio...

The studio would be opened to the general public I guess....
Yeah.....someone did called me on that.

If you are using the studio only for JAZZ and jazz only. Then we'd expect a low upkeep.
If you allow hardcore, metal, punk......those kind. The upkeep is quite high, depend on who is taking care of the place.

Normally we don't reccomend general public use if it's in a CC. Cause if so, you don't have someone there to physically take care of the studio and watch your bookings. It's very important, if not your studio will become bare in no time.

I'm practically at my studio all the time there is bookings, but occasionally I let my guard down and things get misused. These things happen.

So I'm letting you know what to expect when undertaking such a venture. It's not like a vending machine, put coins in, out comes the drink. Even vending machines get abused and break down. Basically it's not easy.
The proposed place for our jamming studio will be at Marine Cove East Coast Park...
Although our initial idea was to create a jamming studio at some CC
So my final question is that, is the studio there to actually make money??

Or is it totally funded and upkept by the CDC??
once we get Marine Cove to step in with us , the studio will be fully funded by both Marine Cove and CDC in a 1:1 ratio....

Yes you did receive a call , Calvin from Southeast CDC i presume?
He said he called you because he's initial idea was to rent a studio from you for those Jazz Musicians...
Yeah....then have to draw up a fund usage plan.

This will be tied to how the studio is being operated. What kind of manpower is available, paid or volunteer. I can help you out there, draw up a full chart of SOP (standard operating procedures). And do an estimate on the initial setup & monthly costing.

Which I think you need to submit for approval. Just come to my place down to discuss more.
okay I will discuss this further with Calvin and see what we can come up of it...

may i have the address of your studio please?