Forming a pseudo-punk / new wave / alternative rock band - Fernvale/Sengkang area

I am a singer/guitarist and I gave up on my acoustic group idea from my previous threads! Hahaha! So now I am inviting like-minded persons for
this pseudo-punk crossover new wave crossover upbeat alternative band
that I am forming. We would do some experimentation. The concept is to
do more originals than to do cover songs though. I can't imagine myself
singing 30-50 songs with 90% of which are cover songs. I have nothing
against show bands. I just don't like this cover band concept because
this is not how I view a true artist. This is just my preference. It is
better to say this upfront.

For a brief introduction, I was actively involved in the underground
scene (circa 1994-2012) in the Philippines concentrating in punk/new
wave. I am looking forward to meet a bassist, drummer and another
guitarist. Probably we'll start with 6 covers as a warm-up, arrange 2
original songs and then straight-away attend open mics. If we are doing
good, then let's work on gigs. By the way, I usually tune down my guitar
1/2 step lower.

I am based in Sengkang/Fernvale so it would be great if you are near the
area so we can jam impromptu and even do song recording. I do have a DIY
room studio at our place. We can even do silent practice (similar to
JamHub). Ideally, we would learn the songs first (learn the breaks, ad
libs, etc.) then rent a studio probably in the city for the more serious
rehearsals. We can jam during weekends and even during weekday nights
(silent rehearsal).

The DIY studio is a work in progress. It can accommodate both silent
band practice (using headphones) and also through a make-shift PA system
+ amps. Below is the setup:

Naphon 8-Channel Mixer
SD SM-4 Micro Mixer (4 inputs)
Behringer Headphone amp (4 outputs)
Fostex MR8 (8-track Multi-track Recorder)
1 SM58 Microphone
1 SM57 Microphone
Johnson 30-Watt Guitar Amp
Smarvo amp acting as PA system
Muza DD403 Electronic Drum Set
Zoom H1 audio recorder
Zoom Q2HD video recorder
Artec 2-Channel Active DI

I'm using a Dean guitar for my electric stuff and a Cort
acoustic/electric and Chord Acoustic guitars for the acoustic parts.

For starters, we can do the covers for the songs below:

With Or Without You - U2
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Stranger By the Day - Shades Apart
The One I Love - REM
Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms
Into Your Arms - Lemonheads
Rise Above This - Seether
Crazy For You - Madonna (semi-punk version)

We can add other songs from your choices.

For those who are interested, please SMS me at 96214424.