Need serious help for picking hand!


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Hey guys, Ive been playing the guitar for a few months now and i realise my right hand picking really sucks. Its like always hitting wrong strings and just cannot coordinate with my left hand. Anyone got any exercises or techniques to share to improve my picking hand? :?

Thanks alot!
Here's one.

E ---------------------------------------------------1-2-3-4----
B -----------------------------------------1-2-3-4--------------
G -------------------------------1-2-3-4------------------------
D ---------------------1-2-3-4----------------------------------
A -----------1-2-3-4--------------------------------------------
E -1-2-3-4------------------------------------------------------

Very simple exercise to begin with. Alternate pick starting with a downstroke, upstroke, downstroke, upstroke. Practice slowly.
After you get familiar with that, you can try ascending up the strings, and maybe have different patterns such as 1342, 1243 so on and so forth.

Good warm up exercise for the experienced too :D
yeah ive been doing that, but not really improving. heh. maybe im just doing it wrongly. i need to do it in coordination with a metronome right? can i noe what is the fastest speed you can achieve while doing this excercise? :lol:
Yea, a metronome would be great to practice this with. Actually you could go pretty fast, insanely fast if you put in enough effort like Rusty Cooley. They play a lot of 4 note per string runs. Though this doesn't sound musical, once you find the patterns you'll just blaze through.

Not really improving meaning? Right and left still uncoordinated? Sloppy picking? Why don't you start right over, and play real slow like a snail, up down up down everyday. You should see improvement within a week. :D
Pick any scale or run that you wish - it doesn't matter, but what does matter is that you coordinate the moment that your pick hits the string with the moment that you press behind the fret. Not before, or after you have started to go to the next note. Sounds obvious, but you might be trying to run before you can walk. Play a C major scale for example, and play it very, very slowly, perhaps 1 note every 2 seconds. Let each note go the whole duration of the period. Then fret the next note. Do this slow motion playing for maybe 10 minutes. If you make any single mistake, focus on that particular section, practice it and then start over. When you can do that successfully, get a metronome.