Analogman Sunface white dot NKT275 (rare & extinct) for sale


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Hi all,

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To all Fuzz connoisseurs, I have on hand a MINT unit of the legendary Analogman Sunface sundial version with the white dot NKT275 germanium transistors for sale. Sorry for the lengthy writeup but this is often confused with the high gain NKT-275 sunfaces floating about. This is the normal gain white dot NKT-275s which are rare and extinct. No longer available since 2011.

This was purchased in 2005 and used sparingly at home. If you know your fuzzes, the NKT275s are the holy grail of smooth germanium fuzz tones. The NKT275s were what made the early versions of the Fulltone 69 such a hit in the first place before they ran out of NKT275s and had to use other germanium transistors ( I know because I sold my Fulltone 69 with just standard NKT275s for $300USD). Most NKT275s in the market are fakes or cheap repros and simply do not have the consistency or even the right transistor values to work as a fuzz. Of all of the different NKT275 versions, the normal gain white dot NKT275s were the most sought after because of their inherent smoother tone and higher stability to temperature changes compared to other versions and other germanium transistors. These are like all the smoothness of germanium fuzzes but with the stability close to silicon fuzzes. Best of both worlds. These normal gain white dot NKT275s became extinct in 2011. Any Analogman sunface with these white dot NKT275s fetch up to $499USD on Ebay excl shipping. Do your research and also read up on Analogman's almost encyclopedic knowledge on the history of these vintage effects. If you need to see a round fuzz face like effect in front of you to feel like Hendrix or have the signature model name of Hendrix / Bonamassa / Eric Johnson on your fuzz effect then this is clearly not for you. If you are chasing the smoothest fuzz tones then this is the one fuzz to rule them all. Despite the legendary tones created by Hendrix using BOTH germanium and silicon fuzzes, its pretty obvious that his use of silicon fuzzes were more of a necessity than choice. This is due to the huge inconsistencies of germanium fuzzes at the time (not all were NKT275s. Those that were also had wide transistor tolerance values with no bias knob) plus with the limited amp gain available at the time with the single channel non master amps. No one in the right mind will want to withstand turning a 100W marshall superlead to max volume all the time just to achieve the right level of gain and breakup if they can help it. Unless you want to ruin your hearing with tinnitus with just a few years of playing. I am not a particular fan of his but Guthrie Govan calls this the king of fuzz.

Analogman only has the high gain white dot and standard japanese germanium transistors and the red dot NKT275s left. These are not as clear sounding as the white dot version and cannot get totally clean with your volume knob. The normal gain white dot NKT275s are the only ones that can get from sparkling clean to all out smooth fuzz with just the guitar volume knob. This is not my opinion but a black and white statement from Analogman. Check it out. These are extinct.

There are good effects that people will always use then there are effects which will only appreciate in value over time. Example : The original 80s TS-808, 80s TS-9, Klon Centaur, 60s Vox Wah , 80s DOD250..., late 60s fuzzfaces, 80s Boss MIJ black label long dash CE-2 chorus, Original Electro Harmonix memory man etc. The Analogman white dot NKT275 sunface is one of them.

Market prices range from 390USD all the way to 499USD which is not hard to believe when you consider that the original grey spec DOD250s from the 70s to 80s sell for 390USD and above. Do check Ebay to validate these prices. I posted this for sale years ago. There was a joker selling one last year for 899USD on Ebay(Not sure if it sold). Remember these are extinct. NO longer produced as there are no more genuine normal gain white dot NKT275s. Anyone who says otherwise have either cannibalized the parts off a real vintage fuzz pedal or are using cheap imitations from China which will have inconsistent gain and temperature responses.

I am selling it for $490. In fact if you can find ANY ebay sellers listing the sunface white dot normal gain NKT275s for a lower price, I will match the price excl shipping of course.

Contact me if interested. Negotiable but no lowballers.