Rock/metal Guitarist looking for other musicians/bands to play with.


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I am thinking of getting out of my bedroom and start playing with other musicians to learn more and have fun. Trying my luck here

But there are some stuff that needs to be made known first so I don't end up disappointing anyone.

I'm can't call myself young anymore. I'm 39 this year. :(

I played guitar in my teens for a couple of years then stopped for I'm guessing about 13-15 years before picking it up again almost 3 years ago and now i regretted ever stopping.

My work sometimes require me to work outside of office hours and weekends (but my boss thankfully is flexible)

I have 3 kids....

I learn songs quite slow but I think I will eventually get there. I'm self taught so I don't know much theory and some techniques I can't nail down (yet).

I can't play lead. Really its bad...

I think I'm not a beginner but maybe not yet intermediate (what qualifies as intermediate?). I'm not very good but I hope playing with others will make me better and have more fun than playing in my bedroom.

I got bitten by the new styles of metal now and can't get enough of it! Honestly I'm kinda confused by all the genres of metal now but I've always loved metal.

I have uploaded some guitar covers of some Periphery songs on Youtube hope you will check them out and comment on how to improve the playing and video taking stuff.

Thanks for indulging my pre-mature mid-life crisis!

Prayer Position:



Pale Aura:

Heavy Heart (this was the first and I think the worse especially now when i listen to it lol):

Thanks again
Hello my name is Sam I'm am 29 I always want to play metal... I have stopped for 3 years but I never forget how I started... I can restart again.. We can meet and plan some songs to learn. I usually listen to DSBM but have a interest in death thrash heavy metal. I was able to solo lastime but I need to restart again. You can call me if you are interested. 96753248
Hey, drummer here and also at an intermediate level. Let me know if you still have a slot open. My number is eight one 3 2 3 six six nine.