Need Help in Choice of Power Amplifier


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Hi! I've just purchased a Triton LE88 keyboard, with an MG8/2FX mixing console. My church band practices at my place so I do require a poweramp and monitors for "live" practices.

will really appreciate if anyone can offer their advice on what brands of poweramps. Thanks
I'm looking at having 2 speakers, stereo effect for my triton. Haven't seen many options for poweramp available in the music stores.

I am hoping to acquire both the amplifier and monitors at around 600-700 bucks.
check out power mixer like in jam studio,with efx n monitor out,good for practises,Behringer,Alto,carvin r some cheap brands
Thanks for the help. Was initially eyeing the yamaha xs250 as it was only 533 after 35% discount. However, being S'porean, i decided to stall....and i missed the deal at yamaha combo shop. Price is now 780.

All the carvins I see and qscs seem pretty highly priced. Are there any models which you can recommend?

Forgive me for my ignorance, i am not very sure who are the retailers for the vaiorus brands of power amplifiers.

U can go citymusic shop at peace centre to look for budget power amp and speaker. They have a cheap brand called waferpro**** ..forget how to spell hehe. I bought a PM 600(power amp + 2 speakers + speakers stand + free mic) from them at a demo set cost 450 only. But the power amp only allow mono out. Actually it doesnt really matter for practicing for mono sound out unless u r going for competiton or other important event. For power mixer able to stereo out will cost much higher than what u expected.

Visit them or go to their website for more info. ;)

Thanks for the help guys

Anyway, I just got myself a pair of yamaha A12 Speakers & a martin roland power amp for 630. So i guess this solution should solve my problem in the meanwhile.