Need 2 sounds cards!


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Hi all, I use an M-audio 192 to record my guitar. It works fine. However, it, for wahtever reason, cant record "Waht U hear" - bascially what is coming out of my speakers. And I need this. The way I can do this is by disabling the M-audio and then selecting the default windows sound card, unplugging my speakers from the m-audio and pplugging into computer, and you can see its very tedious. Is there some way around this? Or can anyone help me make the m-audio record "What U hear" ? thanks.!
Most pro audio soundcards are not set up to record "What U Hear" because most of us don't do that.

If it's set up to record "what you hear", you'll end up with 1 big mess during multitracking as you add more tracks, since you also record the older tracks over and over again and this results in phasing problems.
Maybe you can get a mixer.

With proper routing what you want can be achieved.
Sorry if i sounded too vague. But i can't do a mixer 101 here right? lol
Play around with the BUSes, or use the headphone output to monitor.
Lots of ways to work around if you have a mixer.
I have a mixer. Currently OUT L and R from my mixer goes into my Soundcards "IN" L and R, and my speakers are plugged into OUT L / R on my sound how do i route it so that the sound card picks up "What U Hear"?
uh... what mixer you using?
I'm using yamaha mg 12/4
meaning 12 channels and 4 bus(2 stereo busses)
Okay, my wiring is as goes:

PC L/R output => Channel 11/12 Stereo channel.

So i can control monitoring volume.

PC L/R Recording channel <= Group 1-2 BUS

Whatever instruments i wana record into => other channels.

___________________________(route to:)___________________________
e.g Guitar go into channel one /=> Main Stereo bus (the red fader)
_________________________\=> Group Bus fader (just 1 bside it)

While channel 11/12 just (routes to:) => Main fader

So basically the Guitar(channel1) and the backing tracks(channel11/12) are routed to the main stereo bus for monitoring.

and ONLY the guitar(Channel1) is routed to the Group Bus, which is also the recording out.

I hope you're not lost. Its not complicated, you just need a fair bit of cables. HEHE
haha, yep most pro soundcard cant record what u hear, u can try connecting ur output into ur headphone hole and record lol, but its shiat quality :X..

If u have a mixer u can setup in this easy way. ;)

Plug your guitar into your mixer ch 1.
Plug your interface i/p to the mixer master o/p.
Plug your speaker into your interface o/p.
Plug another cable from ch 1 direct o/p(if u have)/aux 1 o/p into your interface recording i/p.

Try shld be able to work. :)