Giving away cover songs (full production)

Jean-Marc Boulier

New member
Hi everyone,

I am a professional music producer and audio engineer and these past years I recorded a few instrumental tracks (covers songs) that some of my clients ordered, but never ended up using. These have been sleeping on my hard drives for a while and it's a shame that a few hours of work are going to waste for nothing, so I'd be happy to offer these to a singer instead.

If you can get a good quality vocal recording on your end I'd be happy to mix the song for free and let you use it (will just ask you to credit me for my work). Please note that I haven't purchased licenses for these songs and if you want to make commercial use you'll need to do so (I can help with the paperwork). Alternatively I'd be happy to offer a quote for you to come record your vocals professionally at the studio, too.

You can hear the instrumental demos here:

Valentine - Martina McBride

With Love - Christina Grimmie

我们 (this is the name of the mp3 that was given to me but I don't speak Chinese so I have no idea who the original artist is, or what this actually means)

Just contact me if you're interested.