Namm 2011 - guitar showdown!!!


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Hi guys, sharing pictures of some of the best guitars I saw at NAMM. Well of course Duesenbergs, Cole Clarks and Spectors are great, but there are definitely plenty of other great guitars out there! - And some artist sightings too!

I won't be able to post everything here, so it's easier if you just see them off my site:


Thanks for the pics! Had fun looking thru em..The Dusenbergs look great.

Btw, what is that white falcon with the graphic of the woman? Is it some custom? Haven't seen it before..
I prefer the look of the original WF, more old school, classic look.

Thanks for the link. They certainly did a good job of painting her, looks pretty similar haha.
yeah the tele was like going back in time when i first saw the Black Crows playing one like that. Fell in love with Teles ever since.