SOLD WTS: Super Monday Sale. Super Rare 1997 MIJ Ibanez J Custom KRG1502M player Guitar!!!

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Hi, i have this Super Rare 1997 Ibanez J Custom KRG1502M for fast sale, Super Cheap this monday. Guitar is H-H Configuration. You just don't see many Maple neck Ibanez J-Custom out there. And Ibanez J-Custom is the highest quality/product out of Ibanez factory.

Condition is as follow:-

Body 9/10 (Just 2 tiny paint chips at the horn). Neck is 8/10 (Mainly due to some dinks at the back of neck - does not affect playability at all), Hardwares 7.5/10 (Due to Oxidation on some of the metal parts). The dinks at the back of the neck are not actually deep (max about 1 mm deep) and in no way impede playing soulfully or fast. More important there are no wood cracks resulting from these dents. Cracks would indicate probable structural damage. Frets about 70% Dunlop 6100 life left (although there are some indentations on the frets (due to my "heavy" strings bending pleasure), the strings won't get stucked as the indentation edges are smooth). Fret is Jumbo Dunlop 6100, so will have "plenty" of time before it needs to be overhaul with new frets. These indentations frets are shown in some of the pictures. Neck is as straight as an arrow. Overal condition is 8/10. Take note that this is a player guitar and not a collectible condition guitar. Guitar comes with an Original late 80's Ibanez RG Hardcase. No papers included. Guitar is all stock. Guitar is set up low. Most probably needs another set up overall, as it has been a while; since this guitar was last set up properly.

Price to let go this guitar is just SGD$850 . If still not sold, the price would go back to SGD$1180. This offer pricing is ridiculously low for a J-Custom, anywhere in the World.

Take note that the neck is Ultra Shape (very nice and not flat) and easier to bend the strings. And Due to the Mahogany Body and Maple neck it has a beautiful tone between the warm and bright. Unlike that of the RG550, which is brighter tone. Thus making this guitar super versatile.


Model Name KRG1502M
Color SK/RV
Body Top Flame Maple (7.0mm)
Body Back Mahogany
Neck 3pcs. Maple
Neck type Ultra Shape
Fingerboard Maple
Position Inlay Abalone Off-set Dot
Fret DUNLOP #6100
Neck Joint All Access
Scale 648mm/25.5inch
Neck width 43mm(Nut), 56mm(21F)
Neck thickness 19.5mm(1F), 21.5mm(12F)
Fingerboard Radius 430mmR
Bridge Lo-Pro Edge
Pickup(neck) DiMarzio Air Norton(H)
Pickup(center) −
Pickup(bridge) DiMarzio Tone Zone(H)


More Photos here Ibanez J Custom KRG1502M?sort=3&page=1

Interested parties please contact me here thru PM or if Inbox full, just leave me a thinker here or in my visitor's message page. Transaction venue will be around Admiralty MRT Station Macdonalds. Will not entertain low ballers. I am not looking to trade at this point of time.

* I am a guitar collector who is very interested in collectable guitars from Japan Golden Age (1977-1985). These really collectable guitars have seen a raise in value, consistently for the last 5 years or more.
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