Modded BD-2


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was emailing someone about modded boss blues drivers; he said there was an "airhole mod" (done locally?) that duped the keeley driver mod. anyone have any experience with this and how close is it to the keeley mod? i really want the bass boost and less fuzz.
Raley said:
Hey, does your MT2 SEM sound like the DS-1 SEM?

Hi Raley,

my MT2,
can sound like the DS-1 SEM (mids at 1/2, dist. at 10 o'clock),
can get sound like a marshall 4x12 STACK (mids all the way up, dist at 12 o'clock),
can sound like a pre-amp tube overdrive with eq (dist. at zero)
can get a very gritty Bluesy overdrive (dist. at 8 o'clock)

soooooo many sounds .... ~

Best part ... Randolf has implemented switches to the pedals to get even more variety~!
Cool, cos i heard the sound clips from keeley and they sounded very metal still
i got a ds-1 done by randolf
i guess the only way is to go down and test ...

anyway ... if Randolf is the one selling, den he can custom mod it for you also ~
so .... let ur ears decide ~
LOL ~!

imo, Randolf's modds are way better den the Keeley ... ~
superkicky said:
lol okay. any idea how much a stock bd-2 costs?

Howdy! Happy Holidays everyone!

Always a fan of the BD2 myself. Last time I checked it's about if not slightly lower than a stock MT2... I guess. The BD2 is a nice pedal but really I feel it works best with drive at 9 O Clock no further than 12 O' Clock. If you're gonna be relying on the distortion from the pedal rather than the amp I feel the modded BD2 has a slightly better dynamic control (roll back the volume knob) when compared to the SD1 or inflated TS9 or DX.

Now if you have a sweet sweet amp... The tables get turned!

Hey man, thanks so much.. unfortunately I've no idea how much the stock MT-2 goes for either :roll: I'm going to be using this for bass; was considering a Sansamp Tri-OD or Tri-AC but I don't think I'll be needing 3 types of overdrive/distortion for my bass... Have seen MT-2 going for $60-$90 on Luther so I'm guessing a new one is around $120-$130?

And yeah I'll be using this for distortion as opposed to amp distortion because frankly buying and lugging a decent 4x10 around is going to be a bitch :/
nebo1981 said:
i'd advice you to buy 2nd hand ...
den send to Randolf to mod to bass specs ...~

Yeah I'd do that too but the only guy I know whos selling one has it modded already and I don't know how it is. I'm waiting for a reply from him but until then.. yeah.
Actually... the TRI AC can be set to 3 clean channels. Or 1 Clean, 1 brit and 1 mesa (default) or 2 cleans, 1 brit. Its up to you.

Btw, tech21 has a bass version of the tri ac. Go check it out.