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  • hi randolf,
    my amp is in 5/10 working condition. im not quite sure weather its tube amp. its Marshall MG15CDR.

    the problem is it has volume drop and crackling sound. and both occur often when the volume knob turns more than half. can i do anything first before it goes to the hand of professional, like you?
    Hi Randolf, thanks for the details. I will change the entire set of tubes and do some tests at my end first, will contact you should the problems persist. Thanks!
    HI Blusteel,
    I will have to see and hear the amp myself to evaluate your description of the hiss and crackle problems you are facing. You may go ahead and change the tubes altogether yourself to see if that solves the problem before sending it over to me.

    Diagnosis of tube amps cost $50. I will inform you the full nature of the failure and the repairs that can be done and related costs for you to consider before I carry out the full repairs.

    My address is Block 45, #12-1435, Bendemeer Road

    Email further enquiries at randolf@embryosongs.com


    Hi Randolf, you've been recommended by a friend regarding your services of tube amp repairs :) I own a Laney VC30 2x12 and recently have very loud hissing (sounds like raining). I have discovered a cracked tube and have changed that (however not the entire set which are supposed to be quad matched). I've asked shops and they mentioned that the hissing is not caused by tubes, but probably by some internal malfunction. Thus before going ahead to purchase a new quad set of EL84s, would like to hear your advice, as well as your repair charges if I were to it send over to you.

    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks Randolf!
    Hi embryo. My name is Gino. I live in Korea but will be visiting a friend in Singapore this weekend. I was doing a little research on DD-3 mods and saw your name pop up. Do you still do those? Or know someone who does?

    I'll be bringing my pedal with me. Also have a BD-2 I'd like to mod, wonder if you know anything about those too. Thanks!

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