Mobile TV, Short films from student.."pink t-shirt guy&


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Anyone got take bus and then saw this short clip on Mobile TV. Produced by our ocal students. The shooting not bad sia.

But I want to point out a funny clip.
it's about this chap who like to wear pink tee, complain about not getting girls.

There's this part when that guy was suppose to meet this girl at the park. I think the screen name suppose to be "Jolin"
Then after that girl that was wearing black threw some tantrum at him, this is the funny part>>>>that girl walks away from him, and I dunno la...she walks away funnily sia. the way she walks is like right arm and right leg swing together, like robot. I think she nervous...maybe never act before..or may be my eye was crossed. Super funny clip sia. I was the only one laughing in the bus.

Anyone saw this clip??
Re: Mobile TV, Short films from student.."pink t-shirt

MassageParlour, time to do something productive while sitting on the bus like reading, or listening to music or sleeping.

Actually, I caught the one where the pink boy helped this girl to lift up a box to her house and then somehow got the girl in the end. What a lovely story. :D
Hi, I did the music for the abovementioned show... it's called Pink Boy... I think it's quite entertaining... watched a few times myself hehe! Glad you guys like it... quite excited that my work got put on tv mobile..
Think that the bespectacled girl that the pink boy gets is quite cute haha...