[OFFICIAL] Sole Mate Spins A Heart-Tugging Tale Of…The Dreams, Desires, Pains and Str


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The ETCeteras’ collaborates with Ocean Butterflies to produce Sole Mate, a play that explores the hidden pains, desires and struggles beneath the pretty soles of three women played by Apple Hong, Lorraine Tan and Tay Sia Yeun.

Inspired by the intricacies of married lives, Sole Mate《同鞋会》 is an original play by local theatre company The ETCeteras’ that explores the hidden pain, desires and struggles beneath the pretty soles of three women. From infertility to infidelity, Sole Mate stars veteran television actress Apple Hong who for the first time is taking her act to the stage. Joining her on stage are home-grown voice talents Lorraine Tan and Tay Sia Yeun, as well as actor Brian Ng, putting their best feet forward together!
Set in Bangkok at a mutual friend’s wedding, the play tip-toes around the complicated married lives of three 40-something women who have been friends since secondary school and how they eventually re-discover themselves by barring their soles in a shoe shop, and their souls in Bangkok.
For someone who is happily married to her best friend and shares a close bond with her children, playwright and director Lim Hai Yen 林海燕is deeply fascinated by the complexities of life. Part of her inspiration for the play comes from her encounters and conversations with friends, and observations of the shoes they have worn throughout their growing up years. Says Hai Yen, “I’m thankful that my favourite pair of shoes has taken me places, experienced many great encounters that provided me with the inspiration and comfort for Sole Mate.”
Winner of the prestigious Patron of Music Awards and Ocean Butterflies’ co-founder and Managing Director, Colin Goh吴剑峰will spearhead the production. An endearing personality in Singapore’s music scene, he has produced many well-received concerts and parachuted several Singaporean singers to international acclaim, including A-Do, JJ Lin and Kit Chan. Sole Mate will be another milestone production for him. “This is my first time participating in a stage play and I’m really looking forward to this with excitement!”
Starring as a conflicted mother-of-three and homemaker, Sole Mate is Apple Hong’s 黄乙欣maiden transition from on-screen roles to on-stage. As a prominent television actress, she has acted in countless primetime dramas like The Little Nyonya <<小娘惹>> and The Queen <<复仇女王>>, commercials and a handful of overseas movies. Says Apple, “Ever since I entered showbiz, I’ve never gotten a chance to act on stage. When Hai Yen offered me the opportunity to star in Sole Mate, I immediately agreed and look forward to working together with The ETCeteras!”
Singer-songwriter-businesswoman-music teacher and multifaceted artiste Lorraine Tan 陈莉芯will cast as a down-in-love-and-luck yet quirky and fashionable music teacher, a character that is different yet somewhat similar to her. She loves the fact that her on-stage persona is a funny and delightful music teacher which she can easily relate to.

Singer Tay Sia Yeun郑夏韵is set to take on the role as a woman whose heart pines for a child. “I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to find out how much more I can improve myself. Singing and acting is a lifelong journey. I believe that my favourite pair of black leather boots will give me confidence and bring me far in my career.”

Charismatic actor and heartthrob, Brian Ng 黄超群will take on multiple roles as a retail salesperson, masseuse, sexy dancer, magician and poet. This is the first time he will play six distinctly quirky characters on-stage. “This role will no doubt be challenging, sometimes daunting, but I look forward to being part of the creative process.” Says Ng.
With a mix of highly experienced and talented cast, Sole Mate is set to be a colourful, engaging yet candid exploration of mid-life uncertainties encased in a pair of crystal glass slippers. Will the three women find true happiness, love and assurance in the shoes of their desires?

Still wondering to watch or not?

Experience and enjoy Sole Mate, an intriguing yet warm-hearted tale about women and shoes this December with The ETCeteras. Tickets are now on sale, get yours today from SISTIC website at http://www.sistic.com.sg/, SISTIC Agents island wide (SISTIC Hotline: 6348 5555) and on SISTIC Mobile App.
Sole Mate
Dates: 8 and 9 December 2017
Time: 3 pm (9 December, followed by a post-show discussion), 8 pm (8 & 9 December)
Venue: Victoria Theatre
Ticket Prices (before SISTIC fees): $85, $75, $65 and $55 (prices are not inclusive of SISTIC Admin Fee)


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