Mick Thompson Signature Series Ibanez Guitar: MTM1


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The combination of mahogany, maple and rosewood with a massive fixed-bridge and EMG pickups make this guitar sound absolutely huge." - Mick Thomson

Alright, as promised, Mick Thomson's Signature Model guitar from Ibanez was unveiled at the winter NAMM convention today, and Ibanez.com(the U.S site) has been updated with information, full specs, and pictures.


But have they released it in Singapore...Should it be released and what if i doesnt get released...It is/ will be a much anticipated Guitar that many Metal/Slipknot/hard rock fans will be looking forward to...

KEy Features:
- Tone, features and playability make the MTM1 as awe-inspiring (and dangerous looking) an instrument as the artist who designed it. This is a guitar made for heavy rock and metal.
- Mick Thomson's choice of U.S.A.-made original EMG pickups.
- 5pc thru-neck and mahogany body pump out full, fat tone with strong sustain.
- Equipped with heavier gauge strings than standard RG's.
- Edge FX double-locking fixed-bridge.
- Factory tuned to Mick's preference of C# tuning, with a dropped B: B, F#, B, E, G#, C# (low to high).

Please give me your comments on this great guitar released by IBANEZ
Ermm....i fail to see how dangerous looking it is, seeing that it has the same shape as my RG. I also have heavier gauge strings than standard RGs...fitted with 10s :lol:

The only difference i can see from their staple offerings is the Edge FX bridge.

If you're looking for that nu-metal bone crushing whatever tone, a better choice would be the RG7EX. Hardtail 7 strings with EMGs....that's what would bring the house down
In anycase, the FX Edge bridge would be very very good for the detuned strings. Makes tuning much easier and more accurate.

Other than the horrid inlays...

The price is something I don't look forward to. How much did www.ibanezrules.com list it for? Well over 1k USD.
ShredCow said:
Thats not true. Its a sad sad thing when people assume you need mastery of a 6 string to do 7.


many people are simply afraid of 1 more string, to them it's another chapter in guitar playing altogether- it's just 1 more string. know what it is & how it functions, you'll be playing in no time.

in any case, i'm lobbying for the MTM1 to be here (refer to Ibanez 2006- What you'd like to see here).
Cool guitar, but the only signature model I'll ever buy is either JP's or one of James/Kirks...most prob never will though.
Cool! Remind me of my PGMs, the head is the same except the pot and the pu selector is opposite.