Marty vs Jason


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nonono...not a new 2-star horror movie :D

im sitting at work and i just finished listening to perpetual burn and dragons kiss.....and i envy these 2 great players not for their talent but because they found such amazing guitarists (each other)to play with....according to me the greatest duo in all of guitar history!!!

But...which album do u guys think is better.....I cant decide.....hehe.....i just love both exactly the same....10 stars ...hehe :D
They r great at the time. :D

I'll like to see JS and SV get together and do some scary stuffs on guitars.
hehe ya js and sv are amazing too..but i think marty and jason are so well matched....but still such individuality in their playing...its unbelievable....frankly i think marty is the better player but i like perpetual burn better....but both just by a millimeter...hehe
There IS a video of Satch (JS?) and Vai (SV?) playing together.. in Vai's mothership.. like a jam thing, very cool. I have it, you want it?
I downloaded somethign similar to that but the proble was they spent 3/4ths of the video setting up stuff....and then i heard like 5 notes of it the same one???if not then please go ahead and poste has anyone seen teh video of jason becker playing is wicked!!!!1
yeah but billy is a bassist....
also can play guitar though...LOL...
ha haz....yeah gilbert is awesome man....

but he is damn skinny.....LOL LOL LOL...