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Hi - I searched the forums for threads looking for recommendations of good guitar stores in Kuala Lumpur but came up blank - does anyone here know of any - maybe Fender or Gibson dealers?


Forget it....prices are maybe little cheaper but less selection than here!

Fender is Bently across from Starbucks. I think they're da biggest shop in town but still 5 minutes and you'll be out da door.

Gibson is Fat Wo or Wo Fat (something like that by Chinatown). Don't bother unless ya around there anyway.
Hi Vern,

I was in KL last weekend for a short break. Bentley Music which sells exclusively Ibanez, Fender and Jackson is just next to The Regent Hotel where i was staying. But their collection was very limited. I saw a couple of Prestige, PGM, JS, Artcore and loads of GIOs. On average, their stuffs are slightly pricey (say $20-$40 more than Sweelee). All high end stuffs like Prestige, JS and RR Jackson have a "strictly no testing" sticker on it :roll: . JB & JB'59 Duncan pickups selling around $150 each. Ibanez TB100R amp retails at $800.

CK Music is the same company as City Music, so you'll probably see the same stuffs like Line6, POD, Hamer and Zoom. Prices not sure as i've never been there before.

Mahagony Guitars will probably interest you. You'll find better collections of PRS, Jackson, Hamer, Ovation, Martin and Takemine here. Prices not sure as i've never been there before.

Here are the websites:

Cheers 8)
Sweelee is distributor for at least Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. So anything that sweelee sell, you will not get it cheaper in those countries.
sometimes the available options entice us more than the price. for eg, back in 2001, Bentley had the Ibanez SC models which Swee Lee didn't carry...

Sorry - I had forgotten that I started this thread. Thanks for your replies.

I ended up going to only one place in KL - called "The Guitar Store" in Desa Sri Hartamas (about 30 min drive from KLCC). They had a selection of beautiful Gibsons on their website (and still do) including a Class 5 Quilt LP which looked rather nice and I wanted to try out. I called them up to talk about it - it turned out that none of the sales people had any idea about this model and in fact, they hadn't got a single Gibson guitar at any of their stores since they had now lost the Gibson dealership and that Malaysia was presently being covered by Swee Lee anyway.

They did say that they had a competitively priced MIJ Malmsteen Strat, so I trekked over there to take a look at it. Actually, it ended up being a MIJ Vintage Series '72 Strat in Olymic white - ("But this is the guitar that Yngwie might have started on!" they told me once I showed up, slightly annoyed). Well, I sat there for about 10 mins while my friend looked on disinterestedly. They did have about half a dozen MIJ Vintage series Teles and Strats, which may be of interest to some of you.

Behringer amps mostly. Some Ibanez guitars. Small selection of Boss effects. Pianos and stuff.

Score of the trip though - the salesman did give me a Fender Frontline 2005 catalogue for free. Result! :)
My KL friends come down to Singapore to do their gear shopping and that speaks a lot already about the prices and availability of gear up there.

I'm told by my KL friends not to even bother with gear up there, gear prices can be up to double or triple gear prices here cos of exchange rate and tax. We really do have it going pretty good here, especially since prices are getting more competitive with the Excelsior guitar hub going on.
well... Its laughable sometimes judging from the complaints that we see now and then about the availability of gear in Singapore.
popeye said:
Sweelee is distributor for at least Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. So anything that sweelee sell, you will not get it cheaper in those countries.

BENTLEY MUSIC in Jalan Bukit Bintang official FENDER dealer.

WONG FATT'S near Metrojaya GIBSON dealer

the rest - so os
Don't bother. You guys got better stuff...

Still, I really hope companies will keep on bringing in neat guitars into the country.

Traveling to Singapore myself in a few weeks time to catch the Clapton concert. And dropping by some music stores is in my itinerary. :D
don't bother, singapore has much better choice and it's loads cheaper.Coming down on tuesday myself to get some new gear...