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Anyone has a korg monotron? Im considering buying it. Its really portable and i find that the filter is really awesome. For those who have it, please share some info about it. And what other instruments do u plug it to?
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Hm do share when you get to play around with it. I've got a Stylophone, which is just a VCO (adjustable pitch) with three preset voices. The Monotron certainly has more features and is easier to use with the touchpad instead of requiring a wired stylus.

I also have the Korg DS-10 on Nintendo DS which sounds great. But it would be nice to have the MS-10 filter in a small box since the DS has no line in.
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theres lotsa hacks available for the monotron. Of course its going to void warranty, but for expanding what it can do and for the low cost, its pretty interesting to use it as a intro to synth structure.


If wanna more hacks and mods, check out here

hey carboxy, with the new low price of the ipad1 since the announcment of the ipad2 this morning, its prolly a good time to get ipad1 and use it for music making. The korg ims20 for ipad is pretty fun to play with, along with some other generative music apps which might be up your alley(mixtikl, bloom hd, buddha machine etc).
Actually the first thing I did was search for monotron mods, heh. A power supply and CV in would be great.

That's a good idea about the iPad. Didn't occur to me that there'd be cheap ones floating around now. Don't tempt me $_$
its a great handy stress reliever , u can bring it to lar kopi and yr bandmates...hey this is a real true blue analog tone of a synth man.....synth tone not always piano and strings k. its as real as u can get, no digital sampling, no emulated bread and butter sounds, just true blue oscillater

pity the input / headphone jack's the same as a normal mp3 player's. . u cant reali conect it to anything else . even if u manage to connect to any synth or mixer, it simplly does not have enuff power/ output to be hear properly .

the filter. ....yea... it is the legendary korg ms20 filter,...emmm but that also means its quite dated and , like i've mentionedit doenst have enough power to let you fully appreciate the end product of the sound source it filtered....it sounds messy ....i've tried to filter my synth (trinity) into it, a mp3 player, etc. u can hear the results via earphones or u can connect to a mixer etc. Bottom line is... this is definately not for outdoors performance. strickly home based entertainment. in fact, good enuff for "bed room "entertainment only..ha.

in earphones and by its own speaker its a lot of fun though. great for a beginners to understnad what is a true analog aynth and wat are the basic filters.

Many softies claim they play synth and they cant tell the difference between vcf and LFO .

This is a great teacher. i cant keep my hands off the knobs and ribbon. :)

overall i am preety sure korg is releasgin this as a prototype to test market, as they always does. soon , bet my 2 cents there will be a monotron 2 with power power and a effects section with reverb overdirve and delay, with a bigger ribbon or keybed. then it will be a reali reali reali electronica and techno funnnnnn!!
Just need to run it to a powered mixer/pre-amp/whatever. There's enough examples of people using monotron/iPhone/Nintendo etc in live/outdoors setting.

But yeah, there's definitely space in the market for something more portable than a MicroKorg, yet with more features than a monotron... I'm afraid it's called the iPad! Haha.
hmm..i did run it thru a powered mixer.

seems to be that the online videos are taken at close distance or direct line in. not sure if the monotron can reali stand out in a live mix with other instruments, regardless of the hook up method. Or ii could me missing out other videos or getting all my wires wrong :p

just my 2 cents worth of caution, this is seemingly designed for very private entertainment.

waiting for monotron 2!