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    to aireydon

    Hi there,

    I am sourcing for a working 37mini keys remote strapon and u hv 2. If they r working fine (am aware of their history/ midi limitations), would u consider selling either one, referably the KX? I hv asked Ricky Ho to help me source and if he knows you he certainly dont now what you have. Alternatively, if u r nt selling, 1) perhaps you would know anybody in sg or my that wud. Again, it wud hv to be a 37/49 minikeys/ strapon/ working
    fine in its original form an of course wont cost an unreasonable sum and 2) consider renting the KX for at least 6 months. Wud be using it to launch my music releases and tours around asia sometime in October 2008. Am personally using a triton, kx2500, trinity, akai sampler, logic and its softsynthe plugins. You can google me as follows - "shaaban yahya", "return to jogja" for some info of my previous work. Would appreciate if you could include yr mobile number when you reply. Hoping you would sell and I save time sourcing further. Tks n rgds.
    Sha'aban Yahya
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