Jamming Studio Suggestions! Desperate...


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Hey all! I'm Ashik from band 3dash1.

So here's the story...we jammed at Aljunied (have been jamming there for around 2 months)...halfway jamming...the uncle comes in and asked us to lower our volume...we're a 3 piece band...how loud could we have gotten?? anyway, we did do as he told us to...but after the jamming...HE TOLD US NOT TO COME BACK AGAIN...

So now we got no where to practice! And we're running short of locations to jam...the thing is, 2 of us lives in the West...Jurong Area...but the other one's in Eunos/Paya Lebar area...

Is there a jamming studio that is in between our place of residence, easily accessible, normal rates and with POWER PACKED equipments!?

Thank you for reading guys...Hope to get replies...

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Wow! That was fast...

Err...can you include info like how to get there? or maybe the studios' website or something...

By the way, Ann Studios have closed down...so sad...had so much memories left behind there...

Thank you.
Mikemann is good, I jam there too. The equipment are decent, though a bit cramp, the rates are the cheapest, and pretty friendly too.
ash said:
Is there a jamming studio that is in between our place of residence, easily accessible, normal rates and with POWER PACKED equipments!?

Hiya Ash, try the new jamming studio at Boat Quay - Four Tones Music. Rates at $12 for offpeak period, $16 for peak period. From now till end July, there's a promo. Buy one hour get one hour free! The studio feature large rooms and equipments which you may be looking for. More info and pictures can be found at the website www.fourtonesmusic.com
Hiya ppl. im looking for studios which r big, n also with keyboards amps n sound systems.. any recommendations?
Jiro said:

Mikemann studio. It has the cheapest rates, and decent equipment and studio rooms :D

Free water also. :wink:

haha..free sky juice, they are good for u :lol:
Can you give us links to beat merchants and velvet studio?

Anyway, I usually jam at simei bmc. The place is jam-able but no perks or anything.
Can you tahan jamming for 4 hours? I jam 1 and a half I feel like dieing already. Maybe because I'm too active and don't just stay in one spot.
the aljunied BMC guy has done that before to my old project band. he got us the first studio nearest to his counter. we were playing deftones and SOAD.

after everything he told us to go look for another studio. heh. we were too "noisy"... :roll:

but i guess other bands playing "softer" music will be allowed. dun think he can tolerate hardcore/nu metal or whatever else.

but jamming studios are popping up everywhere lah. dun fret. :p
ehh Grim were you the singer for some crappy band playing Lay your love on me a few years back? If you were, dunno whether you were around when we broke the crash at TNT studios.
lol. dun think i was there. i dun remember jamming at TNT with that band.
hahaha. brings back memories aye...haha. power metal ABBA.