Issues with Line 6 DL4


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Hi guys!

Wondering what issues you have faced with the Line 6 DL4 and whether it can be fixed or not.

Bought a spoilt DL4 off a friend for real cheap. Apparently when he powers it via his voodoo pedal power 2, cant even be switched on.

Possible hardware prob?
oh Randolf? I usually send my stuff to Seekz, so I guess I'll check on both sides before making a decision. Any idea roughly how much it'll cost?
yeah, Randolf.

Cant really remember the price though, been about 3 to 4 years ago when i sent my dl 4 to him for the mods and upgrade. Try checking with him for the price.
Alright, hopefully less than $100 *fingers crossed* What mods did you do to it? I remember reading around that there's a vol mod or something
the volume mod only applicable to earlier model of the dl 4. It is to correct the slight drop in in volume when engaging the delay. Later dl4 production from line 6 was corrected without the issue. Iirc, theres articles around online that touch on the subject, by george trip of way huge fame when he was with line6.

I had the vol mod done as the dl4 was bought from city music back in 2001, changing of the opamp and repairing of the stompswitch(usual fault for those modellers)
am not too sure when was the changes done, but for the vol drop issue, even if its the older version, its not a problem with all the delay setting, only with some of it.

from what i know, most of the earlier dl4, the line 6 logo on the top of the knobs is a plain wording same colour as the enclosure while the latter ones is in black and white colour.
ok just checked, the logo has the same colour as the enclosure. Contacted Randolf alr. I also heard that if it's a software prob it cant be fixed right?