ASUS ASUSPRO business class laptop: windows 7 PRO, 8gb ram, i5 processor - $1300


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Laptop comes complete with battery, charger, recovery media and box. Good as new condition, minimally used, I’ll let you test and check it to your heart’s content when you come over!

Rare laptop that you cannot find in shops anymore, with highly sought after features and plus points that you cannot all find in a laptop in shops anymore:

Windows 7 pro is the best OS ever and will ever be, because Windows 10 is the final version of Windows as declared by MS, they will just push/force rolling updates for users on Windows 10 that you cannot even opt out of. With the myriad of problems and privacy concerns of Windows 10 and shops only carrying Windows 10 now, get this before it’s too late.

Anti-glare Matte screen for comfortable viewing, Matte screen materials prevent unwanted reflections to reduce eye fatigue. They also stop unsightly fingerprint smudges for more attractive presentations, much easier on your eyes than the crappy glossy glare laptop screens you see all over the shops! Essential for people who work on their laptops.

High quality build chassis which is better than any consumer grade laptop that shops carry, as this is a business grade laptop from ASUS’s business grade premium line ASUSPRO.

High quality keyboard, trackpad and trackpad buttons. The solid keyboard keys have lots of travel unlike the laptops in the shops with short key travel, mushy keys and fragile keyboards that flex when you inevitably apply pressure while typing. Large smooth trackpad, with trackpad buttons that click very well. You cannot even find laptops in shops nowadays with buttons for their crappy trackpads!

8gb ram, 500gb hdd and i5 CPU, solid for a business laptop. HDD is more reliable than SSD which has limited lifespan and write cycles.

Fingerprint reader for your security.

13.3 inch screen size and light weight, perfect combo of size, portability and weight for a business class working laptop.

Extra-strict ASUSPRO™ reliability testing standards

Business and organizational users demand higher standards and greater reliability, so all ASUSPRO Series laptops are strictly quality-tested to much higher industry standards then mainstream laptops. They prove highly durable in drop tests, hinge cycle tests and panel pressure testing. They also ship with an anti-shock hard drive that includes a triple protection mechanism to ensure data is always safe.

Enhanced drop testing
More than double the drop height of standard notebooks Stronger hinge testing
20,000 more cycles than standard notebook testing Enhanced pressure testing
Up to 20% higher endurance compared to normal notebooks Spill-resistant keyboard
Occasional beverage accidents are no longer a problem
Anti-shock hard drive – triple protection keeps data safe from damage

1. Stringent 3-axial/6-angular shock and vibration test

PU301 hard drives are subjected to rigorous shock and vibration trials in accordance with surrogate testing to beyond common industry standards.

2. Motion sensor defense mechanism

G-sensor hardware and hard drive protection software pre-empt imminent impacts as an additional line of defense in keeping data safe and secure. They use a 3D digital accelerometer with three levels of sensitivity: off, normal and high. The latter is activated by default and impact detection remains on at all times.

3. Metal bracket air bag

Metal brackets add structural strength around hard drives, protecting storage beyond mainstream standards. Shock-absorbing cushions also act as additional shields to protect data in the event of shocks or drops.

Tough four-corner notebook structural protection
Shock-absorbing hard drive cushions reduce potential damage
Impact-detecting hard drive G-sensor pre-empts drop incidents

Buyer etiquete:

FIXED PRICE. If no bag or case is mentioned = not included, don’t ask for freebies.

DO NOT call as I don’t answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.

WhatsApp: 8six 5six five five 2one for serious buyers ONLY. ONLY serious buyers may contact me. ONLY deal at my void deck in west side. When you contact me it means you understand my advert in its entirety, including this part in bold to save my time and yours.

Serious buyer = already made up your mind to buy this, at this price, at my void deck, ready to meet up to test/inspect to your satisfaction then pay me the money on the spot. So if you are thinking of requesting to test, do exercise some common sense as to whether the item is testable at a void deck. For electric guitars I can bring portable amp for you to test. Don't be like a certain abusive self entitled prick here from SOFT forum insist to barge into my place to test a cheap $90 amp that needs to be plugged into a wall power outlet and went full retard when I said that I don't allow strangers.

When you contact me:
1. State the brand and model clearly, don't say vague things like "interested in your guitar" or "your yamaha guitar" or "your acoustic guitar" because I won't know which guitar you are referring to.

2. Tell me the date/time that you will come over for the deal.

The following CANNOT CONTACT ME:
1. Lowballers
2. Timewasters
3. Pranksters
4. People with no manners
5. People with intolerable character
6. Frivolous people who can't make up their mind
7. People who ask questions about things already stated in advert
8. People who ask questions about specs which are available at manufacturer's webpages or through Google etc
9. People who can’t keep to their word and appointments.
10. People who ask questions then disappear.
11. People who try to circumvent anything I stated in advert (eg I say fixed price, you still try to nego. I say only deal at my void deck, you tell me go to your void deck etc.)
12. Self entitled people
13. People asking irrelevant questions
14. People with no intention to buy
15. People who can't afford to buy
16. People who like to try for fun n don't buy
17. Abusive pricks
18. Cheapskates who like to compare SGD with Ringgit Malaysia then complain about things here being more expensive than Malaysia
19. People who think that shipping, travelling and time are free