Ishibashi Delivery Questions


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Does anyone call you before they deliver the guitars to your home? Cuz mine's been shipped already and the problem is that I won't be home very much, in labs most of the time. Don't wanna miss their delivery cuz it's one big hassle.

I see so many people having ordered from ishibashi, but the question is, does anyone call before delivering the package? To check if one is home?
ishibashi uses EMS shipping. Singpost ppl delivers the stuff to ur doorstep. they didnt call me. i was still in dreamland the 1st time the postman came. he left a form that said to call the post office to set another delivery date & time. the 2nd time can choose lor. or can choose go to the post office HQ at Eunos to self collect (i think).
hmm if by EMS shipping, think EMS has a tracking system. u can track up to the point it hits Singapore Changi Airport.
thanks guys. But over at misse forums, mr m says the guys called him before about the goods. Maybe it's cuz he did a mass order.